Cancer Research Paper: Tips from 2 Experts

Cancer Research Paper: Tips from 2 Experts

A cancer term paper is a lengthy, investigation-based text that explores a particular concept, theory, subject, or practice related to the science, medicine, and/or treatment of cancer.  Cancer term papers may be assigned in a variety of courses, as there are many cancer-related topics across a variety of fields.

Cancer term papers are intended to be scholarly texts.  They are not personal essays about the writer's experiences with and reflections on cancer.  This means that writers of such reports should avoid inserting their personal stories or experiences with cancer or cancer-related topics unless such personal information is encouraged or approved by the course instructor.

The conventions of a cancer term paper are determined by the particular discipline in which the article is being composed.  For instance, a cancer term paper written in a biology class will focus on a particular biological aspect of cancer.  Thus, such reports will be strongly rooted in cancer research and will focus on the way in which cancer acts as a biological phenomenon.

A cancer term paper written for a class in medicine will likely focus on a single cancer treatment and discuss the treatment, how it works, and how it affects both the cancer and the cancer patient.  Such assignments will be focused on contemporary research studies that analyze and test the benefits of such treatments.

Cancer term papers written for social work courses will take a different approach, and focus on patient care practices.  Such assignments may include the writer's experiences caring for cancer patients and using different patient care methods.  Though these are personal experiences, the writer should avoid discussing his or her personal relationship with the patients, and focus merely on reporting the practice of patient care.

In all cancer term papers, the writer of the report will need to incorporate knowledge from the course throughout the body.  A term paper is intended to display a student's knowledge in a particular area and how that knowledge can be applied to specific issues in the discipline.  This is why a report is called a term paper—it displays the knowledge and skills a student acquires over a term of study.  Therefore, the learner will need to demonstrate not only the expertise he or she has gained through research of the particular topic of the report, but also his or her advanced understanding of the general subject area.

Viewpoint of Author #2

A cancer research paper can satisfy the demands of a course in anatomy, physiology, biology, psychology, sociology, counseling, and even economics.  Cancer research papers can be written to explore cancer's impact on mental health, the economy, the body, research, healthcare, and so on.  Therefore, a cancer research paper can be written from a plethora of perspectives to suit various academic disciplines.

What is the benefit of writing a cancer research paper for multiple classes?  The main benefit, of course, is that the student has already performed a great deal of the background research needed to write cancer research papers.  And, as long as the student isn't turning in the exact same paper in different classes, there is no harm in writing on a subject that one knows well.

There are, however, several considerations that a student must think about before using a cancer research paper for multiple purposes.  The primary consideration is that the student should not, as previously mentioned, use the same paper.  It is important that the cancer research paper is written to suit each individual course.  What the learner will be reusing is not the project itself, but the research and perhaps the references.  Although doing this will not completely eliminate the need for new information, it will certainly make writing each cancer research paper a lot easier, and perhaps more enjoyable.

Writing multiple cancer research papers has the added benefit of increasing the student's knowledge of the subject.  Since student's are encouraged to explore multiple aspects of a topic as part of a well-rounded education, the student who explores cancer from more than one perspective gains a firmer understanding of how cancer plays a role in nearly every aspect of life.  Therefore, the psychology student can benefit from an exploration of cancer just as much as the biology pupil.  And, both students would benefit from exploring several aspects of the topic in order to gain a sound grasp of cancer and its various roles.

Ultimately, writing a cancer research paper from multiple perspectives may not be as much about looking for a free ride on an assignment as it is about exploring cancer from every angle.  And, although in many ways, this makes life a bit easier for the busy college student, if cancer is an area in which the student is interested, it makes good sense to write as many cancer research papers for as many different courses as is needed for the student to get as much experience in the subject as desired.

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