Child Abuse Term Paper: Advice from 2 Experts

Child Abuse Term Paper: Advice from 2 Experts

One of the most popular articles that learners write for their social sciences classes is the child abuse term paper.  Child abuse is a subject that many learners find fascinating for personal, professional, and sociological reasons.  The child abuse essay, thesis, research paper, etc. is also appealing to students because it is based on an interesting topic about which they can find a great deal of existing information and research.

Child abuse term papers are also good opportunities for students to explore the multiple facets of the issues surrounding child abuse such as types of abuse, demographics, traits of abusers, and more.  There are several sub-papers that can be developed from child abuse term papers which make them reasonable topics to explore across various courses.  For instance, a child abuse term paper serves as a good topic for a class on legal issues, psychology, sociology, social work, and more.

There are three basic guidelines for writing a child abuse term paper:

  • Basic writing skills
  • Formatting
  • Research

The reason that basic writing skills and paper formatting come before research is because if a student does not understand the basics of paper writing and formatting, that student is not likely to overcome a poorly-written article by being a great researcher.  However, there are ways that a student can ensure that he or she can shore up his or her weaknesses so that his or her strengths can shine through.

Basic writing skills include making sure that there are no spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in the child abuse report.  Far too many learners are making it to college without having mastered how to put a simple sentence together.  This is frustrating for instructors who expect students to be able to write on an adult level, and frustrating for college students who do not have the skills they need to write a basic-level paper.

It is also important that students pay attention to paper formatting when writing a child abuse report.  The instructor will indicate what citation style to use.  When in doubt, a student should format his or her child abuse term paper with one-inch margins, double-spaced text, and in-text citations.  All child abuse essays should also include a bibliography (unless the instructor indicates that a bibliography is not necessary).

After mastering the basics of writing a child abuse term paper, a student should then make sure that he or she has done a respectable amount of data collection.  The best papers are those that are backed by solid facts from credible sources.  The student who has mastered the tress basic guidelines for writing a child abuse term paper is the student who is most likely to receive a satisfactory grade for his or her efforts.

Viewpoint of Author #2

A term paper on child abuse is common for students studying sociology and psychology, but may also apply to other courses.  Many students find it difficult to research and write about child abuse.  However, this difficulty can often lend itself to potent and very revealing research.

While writing a term paper on child abuse is difficult for many learners, it does not mean that the topic should be avoided.  In fact, because child abuse is such a horrific circumstance, many professors encourage their students to learn more about it through their research, especially students that are in psychology and sociology programs.  

Topics for term papers on child abuse may include topics about why child abuse occurs, what happens if it is not addressed, how to address it, the historical record of child abuse, cultural relevancy of child abuse, and more.  Often, learners can select their own sub-topics for their essays on child abuse, even when a professor has assigned the broader topic.  

In order to write an effective research paper on child abuse, students cannot be afraid of the research process, even though it may be difficult.  Students should use all available resources, including books, periodicals, professionals, crime statistics, and—when feasible and acceptable—even victims.  During the research process, learners should take detailed notes of their findings in order to make it easier for them to refer to specific parts of their research during the writing process.  

Once students have completed their research, they can draft outlines for their term papers on child abuse.  The outline should provide the content and format for the entire term paper, so many learners spend a great deal of time on the outline alone.  With the outline complete, learners should begin their first drafts.  

Even though students may have to write many different types of projects for their courses, term papers are unique and should be treated as such.  Not only are term papers the final document that students will write for a course, but they often take up a significant portion of a student's grade.  Therefore, they are unique from other student articles in that they are weighted so heavily.  

A term paper on child abuse is not an essay.  While it may be easy for students to comment on their findings from their research, it should be as objective and research-oriented as possible.

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