Cloning Research Paper

Cloning Research Paper

Research papers on cloning are popular assignment selections for today's pupils.  Cloning research papers can be explored in many different courses and from many different angles making them great ways for students to use the same research for different courses.  And, for the busy college student, wherever he or she can avoid doing entirely new research can help save time and precious sleep.

Cloning research papers are appropriate topics for self-directed study courses in biology, psychology, sociology, and even ethics.  When an instructor allows students to select a topic that they are interested in, a cloning research paper can be reused several times over by simply altering the slant.  For instance, if the cloning research paper is to be submitted for a grade in a biology course, it should emphasize the science behind cloning.  If the cloning research paper is to be submitted for a grade in a sociology course, it might be interesting to explore various societies' beliefs and opinions on cloning.  If the cloning research paper is to be submitted for a grade in an ethics course, it, of course, makes sense to explore the ethical implications of cloning and how such a scientific procedure might influence the future of mankind.

College instructors don't really expect students to reinvent the wheel.  It just makes good academic sense to explore a subject from multiple angles and using the topic of cloning to write reports for more than one course is not padding a paper.  Students today are busier than ever before and instructors are aware of that.  As long as the cloning research paper is solid and has been rewritten so that it applies to the course for which it is being used, there is no harm in reusing research.

Cloning reports should have an introduction, a paper body, and a conclusion.  The introduction to the document should contain the thesis statement.  A thesis statement is the basis of the cloning research paper and should indicate what the remainder of the article is about.  For instance, in an opinion paper the student might write a thesis such as "cloning is unethical."  For an ethics paper, the student might write a thesis statement such as "the potential for mishandling cloning technology is high."  For a biology paper, the thesis statement might be "the majority of the scientific community believes cloning is bad."  None of these statements is necessarily true or false.  The idea behind a thesis statement is that the student must spend the rest of the cloning research paper using sound arguments and credible research to prove the statement.

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