English Term Papers: Help from 5 Experts

English Term Papers: Help from 5 Experts

Many college English courses are designed as writing courses.  To that end, learners will be required to write one or more college English term papers as an integral component of the course.  The college English term paper is not difficult but still continues to baffle many pupils.

The failure of public schools to prepare students for writing a college English term paper has been well discussed by education experts throughout the nation.  However, while the debate rages, the nation's students are entering college by the thousands every year unable to write a solid paper.  Students must learn the basics in order to turn in a satisfactory college English report.

College English term papers require that students be somewhat skilled at basic writing skills.  Not only are students often lacking in these skills, they are unaware that they cannot produce a quality report.  Basic writing skills include sentence format, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Students are often at a loss as to how to put together a decent sentence, much to the frustration of their college instructors.  The fact is, that by the time a student reaches the halls of higher learning, he or she is expected to know how to write a solid sentence.  

For students who did not learn basic writing skills by the time they left high school, the college writing lab can help them write a presentable college English report.  However, any student who becomes aware of his or her lack of writing skills might want to hire a writing tutor or make regular appointments with a volunteer at the writing lab to ensure that, by the time he or she completes the first year of college, the skills in which that student is weak have been addressed.

Assuming that the student has mastered basic writing skills, solid college English term papers require a sound understanding of paper formatting.  College English term papers generally require one-inch margins and double-spaced text, but, even more important, they require that students understand the introduction, body, conclusion way of writing a paper.

All college English term papers must have an introduction which contains a thesis statement.  The introduction should be followed by a paper body which is then followed by a conclusion.  The paper body should contain the bulk of the writing and the conclusion should be designed so that it summarizes the information presented in the college English term paper and then wraps up the document.

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When a student needs to write an English essay for an English class, one good way to learn what types of information should be included in the document and for how the article should be laid out is to look for free English articles that provide some guidance.  A free English essay may help a learner to understand what an English report should look like, especially if the student has never had to produce an essay for an English class or if the student is a new college student and is curious about how a college-level English report should look.

There are many reasons that a student may need to use a free English article.  Aside from using free English essays to learn and improve their writing skills, some students look for free English essays in order to research a topic that they are studying.  The student may also look for a free English essay in order to use the report as a basis for his or her own document.  

If a student is looking for a free English essay to use as a research document or as a basis for his or her own document, then the student needs to first understand what the topic of his or her assignment is so that the pupil can be sure that the reports he or she finds suit the needs of the topic.  

For example, if a student needs to write an essay on Hamlet, the student should look for articles that were written specifically on the topic of Hamlet.  The student should not use an article that was written on Othello or "the life and times of William Shakespeare."  Therefore, it may take some time for students to find just the right essays for them.

Students also need to be careful about using free English articles that they find online.  While there are many credible sources for free English essays online, there are also many sources for English articles that may be poorly written or that may contain incorrect information.  Therefore, students need to be sure they can trust the source of the English essays before they purchase the reports.  

A free English report is different than an article that a student hires a writer to write.  Often, free English essays are used by many learners, so a professor might easily be able to find out if a submitted essay had been found online.  However, when a student uses a custom-written report, the pupil can know that there are no other references to the report online and that the material is unique and customized for the student's needs.

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Students may have to write an English research paper for any of their courses at any grade level.  English research papers not only allow students to have the opportunity to explore a particular English topic in depth, but they also provide a forum for students to organize their ideas and express their findings.  When a student is enrolled in an English course, there may be many reasons that he or she may need to write an English reference project.  

Students in English courses may have to write English essays and research papers in order research a particular topic related to their English course.  For example, if a student is studying playwriting, the student may have to research and write about famous playwrights.  If a pupil is studying the evolution of English, then the student may have to look at the historical development of the English language in order to write his or her English reference project.  

However, some students will have to write their English research papers merely as a writing exercise to help them develop their writing skills.  In such a case, a professor may allow students to select any topic that they would like.  Students will then have to write effective and convincing articles that are well-planned and well-written.  

Regardless of the reason that a student may have to write English research papers, learners should always take similar approaches to their projects.  First, the student needs to decide on a topic (or make sure that he or she understands an assigned topic).  The student then needs to perform a suitable amount of research into that topic.  

Once a student is satisfied with his or her research, the student may begin writing the report by developing the outline.  The outline will provide the format and the content for the document and is an important step in any writing process.  

Students should be sure that they edit their English research papers many times before the final draft.  After all, when an English research paper is for an English course, professors will not only pay attention to the content and format of the report, but they will also pay attention to the language, vocabulary, and grammar that a student uses.  

An English research paper is different than any other type of writing assignment, such as an article.  While students may need to perform a significant amount of research for their documents, the reports will generally be shorter works that are subjective.  However, English reports should be well-researched and provide a summary and conclusion of research findings in an objective manner.

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If a student is enrolled in a graduate degree or PhD program, then the learner will most likely have to create an English dissertation in order to graduate from the program.  A dissertation is a normal requirement for graduation from upper-level academic programs and requires that students spend a great deal of time researching one particular topic or area of study.

Like with any subject, students creating English dissertations need to develop a plan before they can begin working on their documents.  They should begin by defining which topic they would like to research.  The students should then discuss these topics with their advisors.  Many advisors will provide suggestions for modifying the English essay or English dissertation topic to suit a specific industry need or personal interest of the pupil.  

After the topic has been well defined, the next step for all students writing English reports should involve research.  Many students spend months researching just one topic.  Their research may require them to travel, perform experiments, conduct interviews, and more.  Therefore, students need to develop a practical plan to help them approach the research methodically and purposefully.  

Students need to remember to keep organized and detailed notes as they perform their research.  An English dissertation can often involve a variety of different resources that students need to keep organized so that they can remember what they learned from those resources when they begin to craft their actual English dissertations.  

After a student is satisfied with the level of research, the pupil can begin developing the outline for the English reference project.  The outline may be many pages and should include the format for the work as well as an overview of the content and how it will be organized.  All English reports should have an outline, even if the student is an adept paper writer.  

The actual English report itself should include a cover page, abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, discussion, acknowledgements, references, and appendix.  The student may wish to consult with an advisor to discuss the specific information that should be included in each of these recommended sections.  

It is important to note that an English dissertation is not the same as other works that a student may need to complete for an English course.  Such documents are lengthy and very formal research papers.  However, most other English assignments are mush shorter and less important.  After all, an English dissertation may be published and stick with a student for his or her entire career, whereas an article that a student wrote for an undergraduate English course may be lost or forgotten with time.

Viewpoint of Author #5

English coursework is the body of assignments required for an English class.  There is a wide array of English coursework, but nearly all of it will demand significant writing.  English coursework will likely different from coursework for other courses—even coursework that requires considerable writing—because it will often require learners to write at a similar level of presentation and analysis as they would for essay assignments.  English coursework can therefore be thought of as essay preparation or essays in miniature.

A very common English coursework assignment is a textual analysis.  A textual analysis is the close examination of a single text or text excerpt.  When doing textual analyses, learners should single out one or two aspects of the text to discuss—such as the text's tone, figurative language, diction, or form.  These are all specific elements that contribute to the interpretation of a text.  

Another prevalent English coursework requirement is a paraphrase.  A paraphrase requires the student to put the words of a literary text in his or her own words.  The best way to approach a paraphrase is to read the text sentence by sentence and write down what that sentence means, maintaining the same tone and voice as the author.

In composition courses, it is likely that a primary component of a student's English courseworks will be a series of journal entries or reflections.  These short compositions should present the student's ideas or interpretations on the topics provided using the first-person voice.  Journal entries and reflections are generally intended to be informal assignments.

Students in English classes will often be called on to do writing assignments that explicate a work's theme.  These types of thematic analyses should attempt to uncover and explain themes in the text through the use of textual evidence.  This includes both pointing to specific events in the text and using quotations.

Students studying writing will often be assigned English coursework intended to generate creativity.  These assignments sometimes require the student to describe objects or people, consider a topic from an unusual perspective, or assume a different voice.  These assignments should be performed with an open mind in order to allow creativity to flow freely.

All English coursework should be considered practice for larger writing exercises.  Therefore, learners should carefully edit and proofread their work and attempt to develop the sophistication of their writing.  Every paragraph should begin with a strong topic sentence, every claim should be supported with evidence, and every sentence should be read for clarity.

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