Depression Term Paper . . . what is it?

Depression Term Paper . . . what is it?

Psychology is one of the most popular college subjects.  Even students who do not intend to major in Psychology generally take one or more beginning Psychology courses.  Like any course, Psychology students will be required to write at least one report during the course of the class.  And, one of the most popular Psychology topic assignments is the depression report.

Depression term papers are popular for several reasons.  Students perceive the subject of depression as a relatively easy topic to write about because it is such a commonly discussed subject.  Students also perceive depression term papers as easy because so many people have friends or family members who suffer from the disorder.

Even in more advanced Psychology courses, the depression term paper is a common assignment.  Some graduate courses are dedicated to major mental disorders such as depression, and some courses are designed to explore the subject of depression alone.  Additionally, some students taking independent study courses study depression and complete the course requirements by writing a depression report.

Like any academic writing assignment, learners should write a depression term paper with a few primary guidelines in mind.  First and foremost, learners should follow the detailed instructions given to them by their instructor or course advisor regarding the format of the report and the citation style.  Since most depression term papers will be written as a Psychology course assignment, the most commonly required citation style is likely to be American Psychological Association, or APA, formatting.  APA formatting has very specific requirements for in-text citations, cover page formatting, and bibliography.  Students should consult the most recent version of the APA style guide for complete APA formatting requirements for their depression report.

Most depression term papers will need to be double-spaced with one-inch margins.  The course instructor will generally give detailed guidelines for the topic and length of the depression report.  Students should be certain to follow these guidelines carefully since failure to follow them generally results in a lower grade.  Although, instructors will rarely place the bulk of the student's grade on formatting, style, and length, the weight given to such aspects of the depression term paper will probably be enough to impact the final grade if the student does not follow directions.

Students should also make sure to follow basic writing rules.  The depression project that a student submits should be free from spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.  Students should always proofread their documents before submitting them for a grade.

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