Dissertation Research

Dissertation Research

When a student needs to conduct dissertation research, he or she can only write a dissertation once he or she has collected the necessary data.  Dissertation research often takes months or years to complete and can sometimes help learners to find new information in their particular fields of study.  Therefore, dissertations research is not only a way for students to learn more about an area of interest, but it can also lead to ground-breaking discoveries.

A dissertation is a formal academic document that a learner will create as a part of a n educational program.  Many students in high school have to create dissertations as part of a junior year study course.  Some graduate students also have to create dissertations in order to graduate from their programs.  A graduate dissertation is also called a "thesis."  However, in the formal sense of the term, a university report is an academic document that a student creates as a final requirement for a Ph.D. program.  Once a student has created a report, the pupil can defend the report and then graduate with a Ph.D. in his or her subject of study.  

Regardless of the level at which the student is writing the report, the report research is crucially important to the success.  Dissertations research can take a lengthy amount of time.  Therefore, students need to begin by planning their research methods and schedule.  

Dissertation research methods may include reading books, magazines, and periodicals that provide primary and secondary information about a particular subject.  It may also include interviewing experts in a field of study.  Some dissertations research methods may also include experimentation, especially if the student is writing a dissertation on a subject related to science.  

Sometimes it can be difficult to organize dissertations research.  After all, if a student performs comprehensive research, the student needs to study not only the topic at hand, but also topics related to the specific research topic in order to find links and parallels.  Therefore, keeping all of the research organized can be a challenge.  Students might benefit by keeping a dissertation research notebook with organized sections based on related categories, such as a primary resource section, secondary resource section, and more.  

Dissertation research is not the same as research that a student might do for a term paper or story review.  Often, lower-level writings only require that students collect information and share the information with a professor.  They do not require analysis and critical thinking.  However, when a student creates a report, the student should not only be able to summarize important information about a topic that he or she is addressing, but the student should also provide an in-depth analysis of the information and, hopefully, provide new information about the topic, as well.

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