Divorce Term Paper

Divorce Term Paper

A divorce term paper is a lengthy, often investigation-based text composed as the culminating assignment of a course of college study.  Divorce term papers may be assigned in social work or psychology classes that focus on family issues and dynamics.

A divorce term paper is intended to be an academic document rather than a personal one.  This means that a divorce term paper is not a document in which the writer should include information about his or her personal life.  Rather, divorce reports should seek to present an objective and scholarly presentation and interpretation of ideas on a single aspect of divorce.  

A divorce term paper will focus on an aspect of divorce that relates to the field of study of the course for which it is written.  For instance, a divorce term paper for a social work class may discuss various methods of working with families with divorced parents, whereas a divorce term paper for a psychology class may focus on the emotional and relationship challenges facing children whose parents have recently divorced.  This subject should be narrowly defined in a thesis statement—a sentence or group of sentences that asserts the topic of the report and the student's interpretations or analyses of that topic.  The thesis should be presented in the first 1/4.

Because divorce term papers are academic texts, they will require the inclusion of scholarly secondary sources.  These sources should be obtained from libraries and scholarly databases rather than the internet.  Research should be woven through the report and balanced by the student's interpretations and analyses of the research.  This means that in any given section of the report, the student's own writing and voice should comprise roughly 2/3 of the text, with only 1/3 or less being quoted or paraphrased material from secondary sources.  All mention of secondary sources or secondary source material must be properly cited according to the stylistic guidelines outlined by the course instructor.  It is likely that most divorce term papers will follow APA style.

In the course of the report, the student should seek to persuade the reader of the validity of the thesis statement by addressing the topic in a multi-dimensional way.  This means that the student should consider multiple ways of considering his or her thesis topic, including those views that may oppose or contradict the topic, and address these.  Anticipating other viewpoints and addressing them within the text results in a document that is thoroughly considered and fully argued.

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