Essays on the Cold War

Essays on the Cold War

Just about every student that is enrolled in a history program as a major or that takes a Twentieth Century history class will have to write essays on the Cold War.  Even if the student does not have to create his or her own documents on the Cold War, the learner will certainly have to read essays on the Cold War by other authors.  Reports on the Cold War can provide a point-of-view and insight that may help learners to understand the Col War from a first-hand perspective.

Because many history professors value the importance of helping their students learn through both primary and secondary resources, many professors will have their students read essays on the Cold War from both the Russian perspective as well as from the American perspective.  These two different types of projects can help students get a clearer picture of the mindset that led to the Cold War and of the daily struggles that many people went through in order to prove their loyalty to their countries.  

If a student needs to write an essay on the Cold War, the student should consult both primary and secondary resources.  These resources will help students get the perspective and the facts that will make their own document on the Cold War more comprehensive and valuable.  Students should be sure they perform plenty of their own research before they begin writing in order to ensure that they understand the causes and effects of the war on both nations.  

Before writing essays on the Cold War, learners should create outlines of their documents.  Some students may wish to revise their outlines or have a professor review them in advance so that the pupil can write the assignment with confidence.  After the student has created a final outline, the pupil can begin drafting his or her assignment on the Cold War.  Students should expect to create many drafts before the final draft so that they can refine the report until it is perfect.  

When a student has to read essays on the Cold War, the pupil can often understand the personal perspective that many people had.  However, due to the fact that essays are always written from someone's point-of-view, students may not get a clear picture of the facts that created the Cold War by reading the reports on the Cold War alone.  Students will also need to refer to military and government documents for a better understanding of the facts.  Reports may contain facts, but they should not be viewed as factual documents because of the subjective nature of essays.

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