Graphic Design Dissertation - The Basics

Graphic Design Dissertation - The Basics

Students who are studying graphic design as part of a PhD program may have to write a graphic design dissertation as a requirement for graduating.  At the end of the program, students need to write a dissertation in order to prove that they have spent a significant amount of time researching a particular interest within their broader subject of study.

Whenever a student is in a PhD program for graphic design, he or she will be expected to produce a reference project.  The graphic design dissertation may be difficult for many learners, especially since graphic design students tend to specialize in communicating through graphics, rather than through the written word.  

Many students in PhD programs have a tough time choosing a subject for their graphic design dissertations.  If a student needs to come up with subject ideas for his or her document, he or she should consider special interests within graphic design.  Some students, for example, enjoy the historical record of graphic design.  Other students may prefer different graphic design mediums as topic options.  Some students may also like to discuss different graphic design strategies.  

Once a student has decided on a graphic design dissertation topic, he or she needs to understand the topic.  Once a student understands his or her topic, the student needs to do as much research into the topic as possible.  Some research may involve interviews with graphic design professionals.  Some research may require students to do a research design on their own by reviewing different designs.  Still, other students may need to research their topic in books.  

When students begin to actually write their graphic design dissertations, they need to make sure that they have an outline for the document first.  The outline will help learners to provide order and content to the document.  An adviser should always look over the outline before the student begins to write the assignment itself.  

A graphic design dissertation is often different from other types of reports because of the nature of the subject.  The subject of graphic design can be difficult to write about simply because graphic design tends to be a subject that is highly visual.  Students may need to find a way to translate their visual communication expertise into written format.  This simple need to translate two different forms of communication differentiates a graphic design dissertation from many other types of reports on other topics, such as English or history.  

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