Holocaust Term Paper

Holocaust Term Paper

A Holocaust research paper will focus on a single, narrowly-defined aspect of the Holocaust that is pertinent to a student's particular course of study.  The Holocaust that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party perpetrated during World War II stands as one of the most glaring atrocities in human history.  The surviving Jewish population—which was the primary target of the Holocaust—dissipated across the globe, resulting in a huge influx of Jews in the United States and other countries.  More significantly, the Holocaust ultimately led to the founding of a new country: Israel.  The Holocaust also drew attention to a host of human rights issues facing various cultures and intrigued psychologists due to the magnitude of complicity and violence against one's fellow man.  Because of these and a variety of other areas in which the Holocaust had a huge social, cultural, economic, and psychological effect, the Holocaust is studied in many different classes and for many different reasons.  Holocaust research papers are common assignments in such courses, taking many different forms.

One struggle students may have when writing a Holocaust research paper is resisting the urge to include excessive personal commentary on the event.  The Holocaust incites rage, fear, sadness, and other intense emotions from most people, and therefore it is often difficult to write an academic text about it without inserting one's own opinions.  However, students must remember that a Holocaust research paper is not a Holocaust essay in which the student is expected to insert his or her own personal reactions to and ideas about the Holocaust.  A research paper is intended to be a purely academic text that discusses concepts and events in a theoretic and analytic way.  Though difficult, students must strive to maintain this emotional distance in the writing of their documents.

Another pitfall to avoid when composing Holocaust research papers is the inclination to present a comprehensive historical record of the Holocaust's causes, occurrences, and results.  Though it is necessary to provide a reader with some background information, a Holocaust research paper is never intended to be an overview of the historical record of the Holocaust, unless that research paper is being written for a history course and the assignment is to provide such an overview.  Instead, the student should assume that his or her reader has some familiarity with the Holocaust and strive instead to include only ideas, facts, and information that is relevant to his or her individual topic.  In short, a Holocaust research paper must, like every other report, stay focused on its point and rooted in its particular context.

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A holocaust term paper is one that a student must write based on subjects related to the Jewish holocaust.  Because the holocaust was such a huge undertaking involving many different topics, events, ideas, and situations, students need to choose one particular topic when they create their holocaust term papers.  Often, the holocaust term paper topic will depend on the student's interest and the course that the student is taking.

A student can write a holocaust project based on just about any subject possible.  For example, if a student is majoring in nutrition, the pupil can write about starvation and how it affected a prisoner's ability to work in a labor camp.  If a pupil is studying ethics, then the pupil can not only write about the general ethics behind the holocaust, but the pupil can also write about micro-ethics by analyzing how neighbors often turned over their own neighbors to the Nazi soldiers.  

In some cases, professors will give students specific topics to write about for their holocaust term papers.  In other cases, it will be up to the students to select a subject that interests them.  The students should always review the specific topic with professors before they begin researching and writing their holocaust term papers.  

When a student goes about performing research, learners will find an overwhelming amount of information that supports the cessation of the holocaust.  However, students may also benefit by looking at sources that provide support for the holocaust.  For example, students may wish to review propaganda videos created by Hitler and his party.  They may be able to review newspaper articles, flyers, instruction manuals, and more that support Hitler's party.  By getting a well-rounded account of what happened, students may be able to provide a complete overview of how the holocaust happened.  

Students should also be sure to review primary and secondary resources.  A primary resource would be an interview with a holocaust survivor.  A secondary resource might be a government document or a newspaper article detailing events.  

A holocaust term paper is different than many other types of academic writings for many reasons.  For starters, holocaust term papers may encompass a wide variety of topics, whereas other university articles may be more specific.  A holocaust term paper may also expose students to very sensitive images and information while they research the topic.  

However, holocaust term papers are not the same as essays on the holocaust, which provide a point-of-view.  A holocaust report should provide information and an analysis of information that is as objective as possible.

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