Leadership Essays: Help from 3 Term Paper Pros

Leadership Essays: Help from 3 Term Paper Pros

A leadership essay is an assignment that may be required, for example, in a business course—particularly a business course that focuses on management.  Leadership essays are intended to explore one or more styles of or ideas related to strong leadership and explain why or how they are successful approaches in the business world.  A leadership essay is not a research paper; therefore, though it will likely include research on various leadership-related concepts, it should ultimately present the writer's individual interpretation and opinions on leadership rather than simply recounting what others have said.

Leadership reports should focus on a narrow topic.  They should not attempt to tackle a book-length concept of leadership such as "what makes a good leader," as this is far too broad.  Rather, it would be best if it explored in detail one specific aspect of leadership, such as a certain theory on leadership or a specific dynamic of leadership in the workplace.  Once a topic such as this has been decided upon, the writer must construct a thesis—the writer's opinion or interpretation regarding the specific topic.  The thesis is the main point or argument of the report; therefore, it should be presented somewhere in the first 1/4 of the text.

A leadership report should make use of illustrative examples to make its point.  This means that in addition to theoretic and analytic discussion, it should present real-life scenarios.  Such examples clearly display how theory and analysis can be put into practice, and the ultimate aim of all leadership study is to put theories and analysis into successful practice.  It is not necessary to present an example for every point the writer is making, but it is helpful to provide an example for each major aspect.

Some leadership essays may be personal rather than analytical.  This means that it will require the writer to discuss his or her own observations or experiences regarding leadership.  Such assignments may call on the writer to write about a strong leader they know and that person's particular style of leadership.  Others may require the writer to discuss their own approaches to leadership.  In these types of assignments, the writer should recount his or her own experiences while tying in leadership concepts that have been discussed in the course or course readings.

Most business classes place importance on the professional presentation of writing.  This is because in the business world, presentation matters, and therefore writing should be clear and error-free.  Therefore, a leadership report should be thoroughly proofread for grammar, spelling, and style mistakes.

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A term paper on leadership is a likely assignment in a business course that focuses on management and management practices.  Term papers on leadership are in-depth, typically researched explorations and examinations of a specific leadership method, practice, or theory.  They are often different from essays on leadership in that rather than focusing on the writer's personal experiences with and opinions of leadership, they will ask the student to approach the text in a scholarly, sophisticated, and more theoretical way.

Term papers on leadership are typically the culminating assignments of a term of study focused on leadership.  Therefore, they are intended to not only explore a specific aspect of leadership in a very thorough way, but also to contextualize that specific topic within the scope of existing knowledge regarding leadership and leadership practices.  To this end, the student should contextualize the topic of his or her assignment on leadership by demonstrating how that particular topic fits into, builds on, or is derived from other scholarship on leadership to indicate how his or her topic has arisen from a progression of scholarly and theoretical work in the field.  To do this effectively requires the student to mention previous studies that contribute to the understanding of his or her topic and to comment on trends and practices in the evolving study of leadership.

A report should assume an authoritative voice and should seek to be an authoritative text.  To this end, term papers on leadership must present relevant and compelling thesis statements, and defend those thesis statements with illustrative examples, critical thinking, and extensive secondary research.  The incorporation of respected and valid secondary research contributes to the authority of any text.  A term paper on leadership should seek such research from contemporary scholarly and authoritative sources that are commonly accepted and well-regarded in the field of leadership.  Often, these sources will be more readily located in a library or on a library database rather than on the internet.  Students should carefully assess the credentials of the authors of all such studies and should also be careful to ensure that the sources they use are peer reviewed.

Aside from scholarly research, a term paper on leadership should often present illustrative examples in order to provide the reader with scenarios in which the leadership topic at hand may be relevant.  This may involve the creation of hypothetical examples, or could possibly include examples from current events or even the writer's own experience.  These examples are used so that the reader can envision the practical application of the often theoretical ideas discussed in the project itself.

Term papers on leadership should close with a conclusion paragraph or set of paragraphs that suggest how the information presented in the course of the report can be applied to contribute to leadership scholarship and practices.

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Students may have to write leadership term papers for any course and any grade level.  A leadership term paper provides students with an opportunity to research different leadership methods and to observe these leadership methods in practice.  Therefore, many professors regard leadership term papers as important assignments that help a student develop lifelong leadership skills.

In order to effectively write a leadership term paper, students need to first understand what a term paper is.  A term paper is a lengthy project that a learner will generally write as the last assignment for a semester.  Most term papers also account for a large percentage of a student's overall grade for a course.  

The first thing that students need to do in order to write their documents on leadership is to learn as much as possible about the assignment requirements.  Some professors will require learners to perform experiments in order to research their topic.  Other professors might want students to conduct interviews.  Additionally, the project requirements for reports on leadership will let students know how long the document should be.  

Once a student understands the project assignments, the student should develop a topic.  The topic may be assigned by a professor.  However, students may also be able to select a topic that specifically interests them as long as that topic is related to leadership.  No matter what a student decides to write about for his or her assignment on leadership, the student needs to plan a method to research that particular topic.  

Research for leadership term papers may incorporate a variety of different methods, including reading magazines and books, conducting interviews, observing people in action, and performing experiments.  Students should decide which methods work best for their topic and paper goals.  

After a student has completed his or her research, the pupil can begin to write an outline for the document.  The outline should include the format and general content for the report, which will help the student to be organized as he or she begins the drafts.  

It is important for students to be aware of the different types of academic writing assignments they will need to complete.  A term paper is very different than an article, for example.  A term paper is an objective document that is based on research and serves as the final document for a course.  An article is usually written from a point-of-view and can be assigned many times over the course of a semester.

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