Marketing Term Paper: Tips from 6 Research Experts

Marketing Term Paper: Tips from 6 Research Experts

A marketing term paper is an in-depth text that presents a thorough analysis of a particular marketing concept or application.  Marketing term papers are similar to marketing essays in that they require the writer to synthesize her own ideas with the knowledge he or she has learned throughout the term of study; however, marketing term papers differ from marketing essays in that they require learners to go beyond essay length and depth to present a more complex and detailed analysis.

A marketing term paper is intended to be an original academic text.  This means that the student must develop his or her own, unique thesis—the main point or argument of the document.  This thesis should be generated from a topic of particular interest to the student, and should be refined after the student has done preliminary research investigating different ideas on his or her chosen topic of study.  It is fine for the student to share the same topic as another researcher, but the student must present his or her own thesis on that topic.

All marketing term papers will involve significant research.  Whether the project is intended to be a market analysis, a case study, or a comparison of strategies, the student must incorporate secondary sources to validate and support his claims.  This means that the learner will likely need to incorporate both theoretic research as well as field research to provide both a conceptual foundation and evidence of practical application.  In addition, because a marketing term paper is intended to be an in-depth analysis, the student should support whatever claims he makes in the report with more than one research study.  Presenting more than one study that shares a similar idea assures the reader that the study is a valid and accepted one.

Many marketing term papers will need to present at least a brief analysis of customer behavior in order to develop a well-rounded discussion of the marketing topic at hand.  This will likely require the writer to present quantitative data about both the customer group demographics and the customer behavior patterns.  Such data may be best organized in tabular or graphic form in order to assist understanding.  

Marketing reports should maintain a sophisticated academic tone throughout.  This means they should avoid the use of the first-person voice, colloquial language, and informal communication styles, and that they should be properly cited according to the citation style preferred by the instructor of the course.

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A marketing essay is a brief text that presents a writer's individual analysis, interpretation, or opinion on a single aspect of marketing.  There are seemingly countless subjects marketing essays can take as their topics; the important thing is that the article's thesis—its main idea or argument—is the writer's own take on one of those topics.  Marketing essays are not marketing research papers.  A research paper reports on a variety of studies on a particular marketing topic.  A marketing essay, on the other hand, explores a particular topic using primarily the writer's own interpretations and ideas.

Though marketing essays can take a variety of forms, there are a few specific assignments that are very common.  One of these is a comparison study.  A comparison study will require the writer to compare and contrast two or more marketing strategies.  This comparison should be based in the writer's own marketing expertise that has been developed through knowledge learned in the course.  

Another common marketing essay assignment will require a learner to analyze a single marketing strategy and discuss when and how this strategy is best implemented.  This type of essay would require the student to fully explain the way in which the particular strategy is intended to operate and how it has been applied in the past, and then discuss possible ways of innovating on past application to make new use of the strategy.

Some marketing essays may focus on consumer behaviors.  These essays will ask the writer to discuss the ways in which consumers are anticipated to respond to specific marketing strategies and why.  Such assignments will likely draw on secondary research to support their claims, but they will still be rooted in the student's own, individual analysis rather than on other sources.

All marketing reports should give specific examples and evidence to back up all claims that are made within the document.  A writer cannot simply hypothesize that he or she has developed a good idea and assume that he or she is right—the ideas must be supported with validating evidence to prove to readers why such ideas are worth exploring.  In other words, though marketing depends heavily on creativity, it is not creativity alone that makes marketing work, but creativity paired with smart and strategic business planning.  All marketing reports should strive to blend creativity with business acumen to reveal well-thought out, realistic marketing analysis.

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Many students will have to work on marketing research papers at some point during their academic careers (especially students in business programs that are heavily focused on marketing).  A marketing research paper is a standard academic assignment that requires students to research events, facts, strategies, and other subjects pertaining to marketing.

When a student needs to write a marketing research paper, the student needs to begin by making sure that he or she understands the topic.  In many cases, a professor will assign a specific topic for students that they will need to all research at the same time.  In other cases, learners will be able to come up with their own marketing research paper topics, which, ideally, will be topics that suit their interests.  

After the student is certain about the topic for the marketing research paper, the student should develop a research plan, which may include experimentation and interviews, as well.  The marketing research paper may require a number of different research methods, so students should be sure to plan well in advance of the report deadline.  

During research, learners should take detailed notes, which they can compile in a journal.  Students will need to refer back to these notes as they write their documents, so the more details they can include might make the writing process easier for the pupil.  

After completing the marketing research paper research, learners can begin to develop an outline for the document itself.  The outline should include details about the content, flow, and format.  Once the outline is complete and comprehensive, learners should begin with the first draft of the project itself.  

When it comes to writing marketing research papers, students need to be aware that the first draft is rarely the last draft.  Therefore, they need to take time to edit each draft carefully for format and grammar.  Students may even want to share their marketing research papers with a professional writer or paper reviewer at a writing center on campus before they submit their final drafts.  

Students in marketing or business programs will often have to work on marketing projects in addition to their marketing research papers.  However, there is a difference between a report and a project.  A project generally requires experimentation and sometimes requires group work.  Students may also have to write papers about the experimentation, but the two assignments are not one in the same.

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A marketing dissertation is a lengthy, in-depth, and original research project undertaken by an individual in the final phase of his or her marketing degree studies.  There are two primary types of reports: university dissertations, which are written by college seniors; and doctoral dissertations, which are written by Ph.D. candidates.  Doctoral dissertations are more common than university dissertations.

A marketing dissertation is simply a dissertation focused on some aspect of marketing.  Due to the nature of marketing, which entails extensive research and testing to determine the most successful marketing strategies, it is likely that marketing dissertations will be original studies aimed at testing a particular marketing approach or theory.  In this way, a marketing dissertation will differ from other university documents in business-related fields that may focus purely on research and analysis regarding specific business practices and theories.  Marketing dissertations will draw on research in order to conduct a complete marketing study using human participants.

The marketing report should begin with a chapter outlining the marketing strategy being tested in the report study and why that strategy is worthy of investigation.  For instance, if the report study were focused on determining whether internet and email were more effective than television for marketing high-end audio systems, the beginning chapter should clearly outline the reason for the investigation (perhaps it is because the high-end audio system industry is suffering), and explaining the researcher's specific strategies for determining whether internet and email marketing could improve the high-end audio system industry.

In the next chapter, commonly known as the literature review, the student should present a plethora of relevant research about the topic and the strategies that are going to be used to investigate that topic.  For instance, in this marketing dissertation, the student would likely present a variety of information regarding the previous marketing strategies of the high-end audio system industry and a report of high-end audio revenues over a period of time.  It would also examine studies that have shown how focusing the marketing of high-end products on the internet has affected those industries.

The third chapter of the marketing report should present a detailed report of how the researcher executed the study.  For instance, it would discuss who the target audience of the campaign was, how the marketing was planned and implemented, and any feedback from participants.  It would also include relevant statistics and demographic information regarding the participants of the study.

The fourth chapter of most marketing dissertations will be a results chapter, in which the outcomes of the study are thoroughly explained.  

The final chapter of the report will discuss the implications of the results for both the high-end audio industry and marketing at large by suggesting how the information revealed through this study may be applied to other high-end marketing campaigns.

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A marketing assignment is one that a student completes for a marketing class or as part of a course that has a specific focus on marketing.  Many students are required to work on marketing assignments for their general education programs in undergraduate school so that they can understand basic business, creative, and economic principles that influence price, culture, and consumerism.

In addition to marketing assignments for general education courses, students that are enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral business programs will often have to work on several marketing assignments over the course of their careers.  These marketing assignments may vary a great deal depending on the program and level of study.  

For example, a simple marketing assignment might be a research paper on viral marketing techniques that have proven to be effective.  A more in-depth marketing assignment might require learners to actually create their own viral marketing program in order to gauge the effectiveness and return-on-investment of the marketing technique.

For many learners studying business or a creative subject (such as advertising), marketing assignments are an opportunity to express their creativity and get hands-on experience (in many cases).  Therefore, many learners agree that marketing assignments are fun and fulfilling ways to learn.  However, due to the nature of the subject, many marketing assignments are group projects, which can be challenging for busy pupils.  

When a marketing assignment is a group project, students need to regard the project as if it were a professional assignment.  In the professional marketing arena, every marketing project has a project developer, project manager, creative team, business team, and finance team.  In some cases, these different roles must be assumed by one person in order to complete a project.  

Therefore, when working on an academic marketing assignment, students may benefit by assigning specific roles that suit their unique interests and skills.  In such a situation, the marketing assignment would simulate a real-world project and work environment.  

A marketing assignment may be a marketing research paper or article.  However, because marketing is a dynamic and hands-on industry, many learners will find that their marketing assignments not only require research, but that they also require experimentation and application.  Therefore, learners should approach their marketing assignments with the attitude that they will not only need to be meticulous in their research, but that they may also need to get creative during the course of the assignment.  

After all, when it comes to marketing, professionals have to be analytic thinkers, excellent researchers, and capable of thinking out of the box every day in order to ensure a successful marketing campaign.

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Students in many academic programs and levels of study will have to work on marketing coursework at some point during their careers.  The majority of marketing coursework is for business courses that specialize in marketing and advertising.  However, most students, especially students that are studying business and advertising, will have to work on a marketing project at some point.

Marketing courseworks may encompass a wide variety of projects, including research projects and hands-on experimentations.  In order to learn how to exactly work on marketing coursework, students need to make sure that they understand the nature of the project before beginning work to make sure that they work on the right kind of projects.  

In order to be sure that students are working on the right kind of marketing projects, students need to make sure that they understand the assignment requirements, which may include specific instructions from a professor.  Once the student has reviewed the project requirements, the student should ask the professor any inquiries that she or he has in order to clarify the project further.  

Only once a student understands the marketing courseworks instructions can the student begin with his or her research or experimentation.  Some marketing projects will require learners to interview certain demographics in order to gather information.  Other projects may require learners to read about the history or effectiveness of marketing projects or tactics.  

When a student has to work on a marketing project, learners will need to understand how different demographics are affected by different marketing and advertising strategies.  All students will need to understand how different demographics interact and respond to different messages and activities.  

If a student needs to work on a marketing experiment as part of his or her marketing courseworks, then the learner will likely need to do some research before he or she can begin the experiment.  In order to do the experiment effectively, students need to design a marketing campaign and come up with metrics for measuring the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.  

There is some difference between advertising courseworks and marketing courseworks, though the two topics are quite similar.  Marketing and advertising are two industries that involve similar tactics for helping to reach people with a specific message.  However, marketing involves a broader campaign than advertising.  

Marketing campaigns and studies encompass advertising campaigns, but are not limited to advertising campaigns.  Therefore, when a student works on advertising coursework, the student is working on a very specific type of marketing.  However, not all marketing projects are the same as advertising projects.

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