Media Coursework

Media Coursework

Many students enrolled in creative programs dealing with communications and media will have media coursework that they will have to complete as a requirement for some of their courses.  Media can mean anything that is written, videotaped, audio taped, or placed online.  Therefore, media coursework can apply to many different types of assignments.  In many cases, it may be helpful to define media courseworks as simply those works that a student has to complete for a media class.

When a student has to complete media coursework, one of the first things that the learner will need to think about is the type of media that the learner will need to employ in order to complete the work.  In media classes, just about every type of media takes some degree of training, even writing (there are specific formats for ad scripts, film scripts, journalism articles, and more).  Therefore, the learner will need assess his or her skills and knowledge in dealing with the media that he or she will need to complete the assignment.  

Next, the learner will need to get training on the media if the student has no skills or needs to refine his or her skills.  Many professors and lab technicians are available to help students learn how to use certain software and to provide tips.  There are also online tutorials that may help students complete their media courseworks proficiently.  

Students should complete a first draft of the project before the final draft.  The media courseworks projects may take many drafts in order to perfect, especially if the student is working with an interactive media or needs to tie together different media with proper timing, such as audio and visual files.  

Students should also plan ahead.  There is an old belief in the media world that if something is going to go wrong with a computer at any point during the year, it will go wrong the night before a project is due.  This is the case for the media world in universities, as well.  Therefore, learners should plan for something to do wrong by working on their projects well in advance.  

Media courseworks may apply to many other courses, not just media courses.  However, media projects may also be specific to media courses, as well.  For example, student can create a video presentation for a history project in order to show other students how a leader rose to power.  Also, reports and other writes are technically media.  Therefore, a media project may also be a project for any other course.

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