Technology Essays: Tips from 2 Expert Writers

Technology Essays: Tips from 2 Expert Writers

Technology essays are brief texts that focus on a particular aspect, practice, or implication of technology.  Some instructors may ask students to write technology essays for the purpose of exploring scientific components of or theories about technology.  Other instructors in other classes may be more interested in the moral or societal implications of technology.  Clearly, these types of reports will be approached differently, as they have different objectives.  A technology article that is more science-oriented will likely be more focused on how technology works or what it does.  A technology article that is more issue- or societal-based will likely explore what technology means and what type of effects it has on human populations and interactions.  In either case, a technology report should not assume the tone or objective of a college report.  Such articles are written with the primary intent of informing the reader about the subject through the presentation of a variety of scholarly opinions.  Such compositions are written with the primary intent of exploring a subject from the perspective of the report writer.  Therefore, while essays, too, are often intended to inform, they do so in a non-neutral way because they are doing so from the admittedly biased perspective of the report writer.

Whether the technology essay is focused more on science or on society, it must display the writer's thorough understanding of the way in which the technology works, the way it is created, and the effects it has.  Without such a thorough understanding, the writer will not have a credible voice.  The writer should display this knowledge by providing clear but specific explanations of the technology and its operation in such a way that a reader—even a reader unfamiliar with the technology—can understand.  It is important that the reader is able to follow the writer through the report; otherwise, the reader will not be able to make an assessment of the writer's ideas.

Besides demonstrating thorough knowledge of the technology being discussed, technology reports should clearly articulate why the technology is worth being discussed.  In other words, the writer must explain why this technology deserves to be written and read about.  For example, if a writer were composing a technology essay on wind turbines, he or she would need to clearly explain that this type of technology is exceptionally important as wind power is of growing importance to both ecologic and economic health around the world.

As mentioned above, a report is written to express an individual point-of-view.  Therefore, it should be clear what that point-of-view is throughout the document.  This is done by asserting the point-of-view or opinion in the article's thesis—which should be presented in the introduction—and then making points that relate to that thesis throughout the text.

Viewpoint of Author #2

At a university, technology coursework is work that students will have to create for a technology-oriented course or program, such as an IT program.  Many students can go through their entire careers without having to focus on technology coursework.  However, many learners in IT programs and other technology-rich programs will need to complete a great deal of technology coursework in order to graduate.

There are many different types of technology coursework.  Some technology courseworks require that learners write software programs.  Other technology courseworks require that students conduct usability interviews and study how technology is used efficiently.  The specific technology coursework that a learner will need to work on will depend on the specific lessons that are being taught in a particular course.  

In many cases, technology courseworks begin with a general overview of the historical record of technology and how technology works.  This type of coursework will often discuss the earliest stages of technology, leading up from the first technology innovation, which could be considered fire or the wheel.  

Students will learn about important innovations that have impacted the current technology situation, such as the first radio, airplanes, the Pony Express mail service, and analog communication.  From there, students will learn about recent advances in digital communications, satellites, nanotechnology and more.  

By beginning with the historical record of technology, many technology courseworks are design to help students gain an in-depth understanding of how technology has impacted the world and how it actually works.  Students will then be more equipped to develop their own preferences for which type of technology they would prefer to study in depth.  

For example, some students enjoy medical technology while other students enjoy focusing on computer technology.  Different special interests have different technology courseworks associated with them.  However, at the root of all special technology interests lie that basic understanding of technology that the generalized technology coursework is designed to help students understand.  

While technology coursework does encompass many different aspects and functions, technology coursework is not the same thing as science courseworks, in many cases.  Though technology is often critical for scientific innovations, there is a difference, albeit slight in some cases, between technology and science.  For that reason, many learners that are interested in science will need to take a specialized course on technologies used in science or in how technology can advance science.  

Science is generally considered to be something natural, such as chemistry, biology, or physiology.  Technology, however, is considered to be man-made.  Therefore, there is a difference between science and technology courseworks.

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