Thesis Page

Thesis Page

When students need to write a thesis project, they need to pay careful attention to every thesis page.  After all, a thesis is a very long project that requires students to not only research one particular topic in depth, but it also is often the document that will determine whether or not a student will graduate from a Masters degree program.  Therefore, each thesis page should be treated with care and attention.

The first step to writing good thesis pages is to read over the thesis guidelines that are provided by a professor or advisor.  These guidelines may provide general information about how to write a thesis.  They may also provide specific information about thesis requirements for a particular university or professor.  Often, students will learn about thesis format and style guidelines from this initial thesis page that is given to them by their professors.  

Next, students need to decide on a topic that they will write about in their article papers.  Many students select a topic that interests them and that they would like to focus on for a career.  In most cases, the topic will need to be related to the program in which the student is enrolled.  

Students need to research their topic in depth.  Often, to research a single topic, learners will need to dedicate months or weeks into performing primary source interviews, secondary source research, experiments, and more.  Each thesis page will require a wealth of unique information that can only be obtained through thorough research.  

After students have researched their topic and developed an outline, they can begin to actually write their article pages.  Each thesis page should correspond to sections in the thesis outline, which will help to provide the format and structure for the thesis.  Also, whenever a student references a resource, the student should include a mention of that resource on the thesis page itself as well as in a thesis references section.  

Students should be aware that each thesis page should be carefully reviewed an edited.  Also, students may want to be aware that while all thesis pages are part of the thesis as a whole, there is a difference between different thesis pages.  For example, the cover page will look different from the body pages.  The references and appendix will also look different from the cover and the body.  Therefore, learners should be sure that they are following the correct format for each thesis page.

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