How to Write a Seminar Paper

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How to Write a Seminar Paper

There are several components that should be included when learning how to write a seminar paper.  These include:

  • Title
  • Author's name
  • Abstract
  • Text
  • References

Since a seminar is a small group of teachers and students, it stands to reason that a seminar paper is a recording of the things you have to say to a group of people about a particular subject.  When writing the title of your seminar paper, you should not attempt to be creative or unique.  Rather, your title should simply state the topic of your paper by using the smallest number of words possible.  This should then be followed by your name and other important information that may required, such as the name of your university or your department.

The abstract of your seminar report should be written so that it states the most important ideas and facts of your paper.  Although this isn't the actual paper, the abstract should be a standalone piece of text and, in most cases, should only be about 200 words in length.  Here, you should state the problem being studied, the method to be used to study the problem, the main results of the study, and the main conclusions that can be drawn from the results.  You should never include information in the abstract that is not included.  Similarly, the abstract should not include tables, references, or figures.

The text follows the abstract when writing a seminar paper.  This portion should be divided into sections, with each section having its own heading.  The first of these sections should introduce your topic and review its background.  In addition, it should provide an outline of the article's contents.

Keep in mind that the text of the seminar report should be fully supported by references from a variety of different sources.  Theses sources may include books, lecture notes, journals, magazines, Internet sources, and more.  When using this research information, however, you must be certain to put the information in your own words.

The final section of seminar papers is the conclusion.  Here you should summarize the previous sections.  In addition, you should discussion the conclusions that can be drawn from the research information you have presented.

All of the sources you use in your seminar paper must be properly referenced.  This means that you must put a list of the references at the end of your paper and the reader must have enough information that he or she can find the same reference if desired.  This will include information such as the name of the author or authors, the publication year, the title of the reference, and more.

If you use tables or figures in your seminar paper, each must have a number as well as a caption.  Be certain that the reader can clearly understand the information being shared on the table without needing to reference the main text.  Similarly, any tables or figures included in the seminar paper must also be referenced in the main text.

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