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This paper focuses on the status of women in the pre and post revolutionary days. The paper also touches upon the current status of women to show how the changes that took place in the 19th century finally affected the life of American women in the 20th century.


Women in the United States have worked hard to achieve . . . .

In 2001 a human embryo was cloned—at least technically. A small biotech firm in Massachusetts took fertilized eggs, whose nuclei had been replaced, and watched them divide a few times before they died. South Korean researchers had reported the same results a few years ago. Such experiments are a beginning in the path toward human cloning. However, the news that this had been accomplished in . . . .


Warren believes that abortion is permissible because the fetus is not a fully developed person with moral characteristics; they are human beings that are not yet a person. She contends that in order to be considered a human, we must satisfy the following five traits:

Consciousness (of objects and events external and/or internal to the being), and in particular the . . . .

This is an essay discussing how religion is handled in the movies "Stigmata," "Dogma," and "Going My Way" Discussed: how each movie is different or similar in its portrayal of religion, what make each film good or bad portrayals and how each reflect America. Cite reviews of films. Six sources. MLA.

Portrayal of Religion in Film

Religion in movies is usually portrayed, for better . . . .


The Shipping News" by Annie Proulx tells the story of Quoyle, a man who begins the book naive, buffeted by life, and passive, but by the end has earned his place in a small town in Newfoundland. Quoyle, unsure of himself and troubled by his looks, allows the ups and downs of life to toss him without resistance. Eventually he marries, but his wife, Petal, is unfaithful. In the . . . .

The Abortion Debate

In 1973, through the landmark case of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court made first trimester abortions legal in the United States. The decision struck down a host of state anti-abortion statutes and was hailed as a landmark of women's reproductive rights. It also gave birth to a vocal umbrella movement of anti-abortion groups which continue to challenge Roe vs. Wade . . . .

Pregnancy and Prisons

Carolyn Lindsey was four months pregnant when she was incarcerated in a Texas prison for violating the terms of her probation on a drug charge. When she gave birth, Carolyn had a minute to coo at her daughter's tiny face before a prison guard whisked little Desiree Nicole away (Tomaso, "Pregnant Inmates").

Carolyn is part of a disturbing national trend - a . . . .


The First-Time Manager by Loren B. Belker is a 206 easy-to-read pages book that hits the highlights of what it's like to be a manager and the problems and pitfalls that lie ahead. Belker discusses in this book the basic understandings of how to become a manager, what a person needs to know and what he needs to be thinking about. As Belker says, his goal is to give the readers . . . .

Seed Plants


Seed-bearing plants are known as seed plants, or spermatophytes.

It is important to look at the environments and pollination of the two types of seed plants in order to understand their success and survival rates.

Survival in Dry Environments

Seed plants have greater fertilization success and embryo survival in dry environments than . . . .



The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the poem "The Mother," by Gwendolyn Brooks. Specifically, it will look critically at the poem, and what other critics have to say about it.


Set in Chicago in the 1930s and 1940s, Gwendolyn Brooks fashioned one of the earliest portraits of urban, working-class Black . . . .

Running on Empty" - Robert Phillips

The reader suspects upon consuming the first six lines of the poem that the speaker was a typical rebellious teenager. One, his father was not eager for him to have the car, suggesting he wasn't dependable. Two, with the fuel gauge "dipping, dipping..." he was playing your basic "chicken" game (albeit with himself, rather than with another teenager). . . . .



The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of the right to die in America. Specifically, it will discuss the impact of a client's decision to end their life, and the counselor's role in the process.


The right for a person to take their own life is a highly volatile issue debated . . . .

My Second Semester in College

This paper discusses a student's experiences at college. It deals with adjustment and maladjustment, newness and old habits, problems and good influences. The living, working and social arrangements are talked of and through these, the student is to discover how everything that is wrong is also its opposite—everything that is right.

My Second . . . .



The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze a passage in "The Sun Also Rises" by Ernest Hemingway, and a passage in "A Perfect Day for Bananafish," by J.D. Salinger.


Hemingway's short, staccato style and "macho" man image has often been parodied, reviewed, and . . . .



The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the essay "Parasites and Perverts: An Introduction to Gothic Monstrosity," by Judith Halberstam. Specifically, it will relate the essay to the movie Candyman, directed by Bernard Rose.


In "Parasites and Perverts," Halberstam discusses the Gothic novel, and how it relates to . . . .

Abortion: Ethical and Political Issues of RU 486


Abortion is a totally unacceptable, cruel and unethical practice and should be considered illegal except under some special cases and medical circumstances that indicate a danger to the mother. Our judicial system must consider the ethical and moral aspects of abortion as an intrinsic part of the problem when approaching . . . .

Abortion Debate

With the growing awareness regarding gender roles and their due rights, the number of misunderstandings and misapprehensions has also considerably augmented. Abortion, by some is considered the right of a woman or of the parents of the unborn child, by some a crime and by many others a debatable and a highly controversial issue. However, it has been observed that the . . . .

Democrats and Republicans on Abortion

One of the most salient Supreme Court Decisions in the history of jurisprudence in the United States was the landmark—Roe versus Wade. This decision guaranteed rights to a safe abortion. To this day however, abortion remains the most politically divisive topic in the United States. With every President's judicial appointee, abortion is often the . . . .

Three short stories

Irony can serve many purposes as an author tells a story. It can make us laugh, or reveal truths that would otherwise be hard to express, or sharpen our focus on the absurdity of a situation. Three stories that use irony to tell horrific stories in compelling ways are "A Good Man is Hard to Find," by Flannery O'Connor, "The Curse," by Andre Dubus, and "An Occurrence . . . .

Abortion Case Study

This paper presents a detailed examination of the ethics of abortion. The writer takes one case of a requested abortion and explores its ethical possibilities. The writer uses several cases to argue that this case is ethically sound for the performance of an abortion. There was one source used to complete this paper.


Abortion has always . . . .

Social and Ethical Issues of Abortion



Methods of Abortion

Why Women Seek Abortion

Legalization of Abortion in the USA

The Social and Ethical Issues of Abortion


The Division of Reproductive Health of the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion states that there are . . . .

Comparison Paper, Gulf War


The purpose of this essay is to compare the Gulf War of 1991 to the current war in Iraq. We will investigate the similarities and differences in these two conflicts. We will also explore world opinion on these conflicts.


Desert Storm was the first gulf war which took place in 1991 under the first Bush administration . . . .


If you are like most other Americans, then you certainly love being aware of your surroundings and like to remain in touch with what's happening in your area and your state, if not exactly your country or the world you inhabit. In other words, you want to gather as much necessary information as you can about local affairs. If that is so, local television news programs are . . . .

The Man Who Killed a Shadow" comments on a short story written by Richard Wright

The short story, "A Man Who Killed a Shadow," was first printed in the Spring, 1949 issue of Zero Magazine and is essentially based on an actual event which occurred a few years earlier. Of course, Wright fictionalized the names and some of the events to make his dramatic points.

I believe that "The . . . .

Sexual Conduct and Prostitution in "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man"

James Joyce novel entitled, "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" chronicles the life of Stephen Dedalus, as he struggles through the difficulty of the changes that he undergoes as his individuality experiences a transition from being a child to a young, adolescent man. Stephen's emergence as a 'young artist . . . .



Write a one-page paper on diet and diabetes.


Review 2-3 sources of information on diet and its effects on diabetes.


Diet and diabetes are closely linked and very often this diet can be diet controlled.

Diabetes is a disease that makes it hard for the body to control the level of glucose (the main form . . . .

Abortion and the Right to Die

Abortion -- Virtually everyone knows that abortion is the (intentional) termination of pregnancy before birth, but not everyone is agreed on whether it is moral or immoral, because of differing beliefs and opinions as to when the fetus starts to become a person and which is when the termination becomes murder (Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance 2003 . . . .

This paper presents a detailed examination of Washington Square by Henry James. The writer explores the importance of Mrs. Penniman in the novel with a focus on her role's impact on the character of Catherine. There was one source used to complete this paper.

From the beginning of writing fiction authors have built their stories around the protagonist. Usually there is one person who is . . . .



The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of the two dominant American political parties. Specifically, it will discuss the question: Do the two dominant American political parties serve the public's interest, or just their own upper class interests? How would you change the party system so that all are truly . . . .

Monocots & Dicots

The Anatomical Difference between Monocots and Dicots

The cotyledons are the "seed leaves" produced by the embryo. They absorb nutrients packaged in the seed, until the seedling is able to produce its first true leaves and begin photosynthesis. Monocots have one cotyledon and dicots have two.

Monocots have pollen with a single furrow or pore through . . . .

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