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Explain the reason for pursuing graduate studies and describing future plans.


Write a three-p*****ge essay.


***** degrees can provide more expertise in a particular area, resulting in a better c*****reer path.

***** Essay

What is my reason ***** pursuing graduate study at St. John's University?

***** primary reason for attending St. John's University is to obtain ***** M BA in F*****ance. However, there are many universities that offer programs comparable to the one offered at St. *****. Deciding to attend ***** school ***** not only a huge commitment of time, effort ***** money but *****lso selecting ***** right program at the ***** ***** is a key dec*****ion. I believe that St. John's can provide me with a comprehensive program curriculum ***** offers ***** only the theoretical information but also practical application to the degree that I am pursuing.

When ***** first began to consider completing the requirements for my **********, I ***** to research ***** that I felt could provide me ***** an unsurpassed educational experience. Graduate school can be very stressful and ********** a major part of your life, so I wanted a ***** that would help me evaluate my options and select realistic goals. St. John's not only provided me with in*****mation ***** also recommendations and concrete suggestions about the program, ***** requirements and the financial implications.

The university ***** a wide range of elective ***** as well as core classes for achieving my MBA in Finance. The school also has a reput*****tion for having an *****d faculty who hold the appropriate academic credentials *****d can provide the opportunity ***** me to experience personal and professional growth in a student-centered learning environment.

St John's also offers superior ***** and administrative support ***** ***** ***** me obtain ***** MBA and reach my goal of a c*****er in Finance. ***** school has provided me with a wide r*****nge of ***** academic and support services that they can offer ***** ***** believe that ***** St. John's would allow ***** to maximize my opportunity to complete my ***** requirements.

***** are my ***** plans?

My ***** goal is to fin*****h graduate school and obtain my MBA in Finance. But there are some secondary ***** attached to ***** achievement. I want to ***** the opportunities I have in graduate ***** by availing myself of the advantages St. John's has to offer.

I ***** to learn as much as I can about my field from my professors and my peers. If any mentoring programs are available, I want to take advantage of what ***** ***** to *****.

***** believe that obtaining my MBA will be a c*****talyst for achieving ***** career goals. The degree ***** learning experience will provide me with the *****ols necessary to remain on a growth path in my career. The job market, even in ***** can be very competitive and I believe ***** MBA ***** better position ***** ***** getting a job in ********** ***** reputable organization. Although I have enjoyed career success in the past,


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