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Adult Learning

Chapter One - Introduction

Statement of the Problem

The issue of formal classroom learning is one that has been misunderstood for many years. There are individuals that study it and discuss how significant it is, ***** there are others that see ***** issues with it as some kind of made-up problem that is really not important enough to focus on. Both of these ***** valid points ***** view but, in recent years, it h***** generally been accepted t*****at ***** classroom learn*****g is still the best way for many people ***** learn, and that the ***** of it is important. The concern, however, is ***** what kinds of learning work ***** best, especially in the adult learner population. Both accelerated learning and suggestopedic ***** have both been touted as working better for older learners than standard forms of ***** learning, but few studies into this issue ***** actually been performed.

***** of ***** Study

***** purpose of this study is to not only show the seriousness of the problem in question, ***** ***** come up with ide***** that will help to show how this ***** can be reduced in size. The best way to do this is to first analyze the problem in question to determine just how serious it actually is, and then use that seriousness as a w*****ke-up call for those that have ***** looking the other ***** and avoiding dealing with the issue. ***** are many ***** these individuals, ***** it is time that this is changed.

Importance of the Study

***** is necessary and pertinent ***** discuss ***** importance of a *****, and this particular study is important to many people across the country. Not ***** *****es it ***** ***** for learners ***** their families, but it also has importance for those that are cons*****ring returning ***** school as an adult learner. ***** re*****on behind th***** is that formal classroom learning is something that is not going to go away no matter how many schools begin to offer classes over the Internet. The *****sue becomes what is the best way for these traditional ***** learners to get what they need from their classroom experience, and suggestopedic learning and accelerated learning are two different styles that are becoming popular with some ***** and curriculums.

Scope of the Study

The scope ***** th***** particular study is very broad and far-reaching, because there are so many people ***** ***** being affected by it ********** and will be affected ***** it in the future. This was mentioned briefly earlier, as the current adult learner population that may be involved w*****h *****mal ***** learning are by far not the only ones who are ***** or ***** ***** be affected in the future. The family and friends of that person are also affected, and the adult learner population of the future and their families and ***** ***** also ***** affected ***** the various styles ***** ***** *****fered in formal classroom learning some day.

A*****her reason that the scope of ***** *****


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