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The advantages and disadvantages to the Voucher System

Voucher System voucher system is an alternative method of funding education. Instead of tax revenue being distributed to state-run schools, parents are issued directly with vouchers, which c***** be spent on education in any school, privately or publicly run. Schools therefore compete for pupils and the funds that come with *****m.

***** of the Voucher System

One advantage of a voucher pl*****n is increasing ***** range of options for the consumer, namely students and p*****nts. Dissatisfied consumers are free to shop around for better goods. A school that satisfies personal desires for their children's ***** may be a priv*****te institution, one ***** the family ***** not be able to af*****d without voucher.

*****nother ***** acknowledged profusely by advocate, is the increased opportunity provided to lower achievers. Lower ***** in under-funded urban schools have ***** opportunity ***** attend schools with the means to provide ***** quality education with the financial assistant of **********.

The major advantage of a voucher ***** is that it removes ***** differentiation between state and non-government schools, and does not penalize p*****nts for the choices they make. Low-income parents would be allowed greater control and choice than is presently the case.

Disadvantages ***** the Voucher *****

***** disadvantage of vouchers is that it takes funds away from the ***** that need them most. Schools operating in rich areas will ask more ***** the basic voucher price, while schools ***** in ***** most difficult circumstances, dealing with socially excluded groups will ***** restricted ***** the basic ***** amount. Funds should be targeted to schools that need them, not ***** who are already succeeding.

A*****her d*****advantage is that education cannot be a market. Supply cannot adjust fast enough to changing demand so some ***** will always end up stuck in dying, ***** schools *****cause over-subscribed schools cannot expand ***** enough.

***** major drawback of a voucher system ***** that by funding non-government schools on the same basis as state *****, it *****s them vulnerable ***** the same level of government regulation. The success and popular*****y ***** non-government schools is arguably due to their greater autonomy and independence.


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