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A recent article published in the New York Times describes how R.J. Reynolds Tobacco was found guilty of breaking its agreement to market cigarette products only to adults. The judge found that the company had pursued an advertising strategy aimed at promoting youth smoking. Important to the ruling, is the judges decision that 'actions speak louder than words' with it being reported that "the . . . .

Strategic Management, Inc., commenced operations in July 1995 and "today offers Earth's Biggest Selection." is an online retailer offering items including books, music, DVD/video, toys, electronics, software, and home products. For the three months ended 3/31/02, revenues increased 21% to $847.4 million. Net loss before acct. change fell 89% to $24 million. . . . .

Action Against Hunger—USA is a not-for-profit charity based in New York City. This international, non-governmental, humanitarian relief organization's stated purpose, as stated on the nonprofit Internet directory of, is to lead the fight against hunger and malnutrition worldwide. Founded in 1979, Action Against Hunger states that its efforts saved over 4 million people a year in . . . .
















Oce' Printing systems is . . . .

No company or organization can survive without comprehending the complexity of communications needs. Several years of professional experience in marketing and business communications prepared me for the challenges inherent in the development and implementation of effective communication strategies. It is my ability to analyze, strategize, and foresee the needs of a company or organization that . . . .

Advertising Project

Effective advertising involves a complex series of strategies geared to lure the consumer to purchase the product. Most advertising involves "pulling" the customer to buy the product or service. In order to create the largest customer base possible, advertising executives must vary a products pitch by alternating how the product is presented to different markets. . . . .

Film is an international medium in spite of language differences, and different countries come to the fore at different times to make a mark, both artistically and economically, on world cinema. After world War II, Italian neo-realism burst onto the scene, followed in the early 1960s by the French New Wave. In the 1970s it was a combination of films from Australia and films from West Germany, . . . .

Benefits of Public Speaking Class

If it hadn't been for this class, I would be blushing amidst my various shades of sickly green, sweating through my shirt, and shredding my note cards into tiny pieces on the floor. As a result of taking a public speaking course, I have lost my previous feelings of self-consciousness, feel for the first time in life that my ideas have value, and am not . . . .

Internet strategies adopted by automobile companies in a changing business market

Summary: This is an 8-page article on the Internet strategies adopted by automobile companies in the changing business scenario.


What is the most recent fad that is tempting, informative and dangerous? The author would have loved to hear the responses from an audience, because . . . .

Ulysses: An Odyssey of Errors

Critics of James Joyce call his work cryptic and rambling, not easily followed by most readers. They proclaim that it lacks plot and classical elements of modern literature. However, Joyce did not intentionally write a bad novel, rather he was experimenting with a new literary style, one which broke almost all of the rules of modern literature. None the . . . .

Dallas Detail Inc. Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

Dallas Detail is a private company with two detailing shops based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Dallas Detail decided to enter the car care industry because we believe there is a need for a well-managed national car care retailer that can deliver an excellent customer experience. Dallas Detail's strength as a company is . . . .

How Computers Are Related to My Profession


Computers are a very important part of our world and are vital to the success of any firm. This paper will explore how computers are related to my profession as an Internet merchant. We will discuss the role that the computer plays in allowing me to perform my duties as a merchant. The discussion will also focus on the . . . .

This is a four page comparative analysis examining both my own ethnicity as well as that of Latin America. Discussed are the changes such as socialization, cultural attitudes, laws and customs, which need to be made so women can have more freedom. Essay is based on Silvana Paternostro's In the Land of God and Man: A Latin Woman's Journey. One source used.

In the Land of God and Man . . . .

Computer Based Information Systems are not only a luxury, but in today's business setting they are a necessity. The amount and types of information required to perform standard tasks has increased exponentially and will continue to increase in the future. Computer Based Information Systems allow managers to divide the information into functional groups within an organization. A CBIS can allow . . . .

Frito-Lay/SunChips Case Study Analysis

Introducing a new product of any kind is risky at best. However, introducing a new snack product to a finicky public could be considered crazy. Frito-Lay, a leader in the snacking industry, was not afraid of that risk. In late October 1989, a team lead by Dr. Dwight R. Riskey, VP of Marketing Research and New Business at Frito-Lay, introduced . . . .

Starbucks Bottled Mocha Frappuccino

Mission Statement

Firstly, there is an overall mission statement that applies to Starbucks in general. The overall mission is described as "to establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow" (Starbucks).

This mission lists six guiding principles . . . .

Penguin Brand Laundry Laser

New Innovation

If I were going to invent something, it would be the laundry laser. In the following paragraphs I will explain why, what the laundry laser is, and how to go about marketing it.

The laundry laser is a machine with two metal sides, and in the middle there is a bar for hanging clothes. When a button is pushed, the laundry laser is . . . .






Condition of airline industry after Sept. 11

TFRs and general aviation

TFRs without information 7

TFRs and business at busy airports

TFRs Circles

TFRs and young pilots

4.7 TFRs: an . . . .

Marketing Mix in Successful Business


According to the Oxford Dictionary of Business, marketing is defined as "the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, products, and services to create exchanges that will satisfy the needs of individuals and organizations." (Dictionary of Business) The marketing of a product . . . .

future of health care in the St. Louis area

This paper presents a detailed examination of the future of health care in the St. Louis area. Included in the paper are discussions about economics and population issues as well as changes hat are coming. The writer addresses many economic issues including good and services and resources in the health care industry currently as well as the . . . .

pros and cons of television media research of Nielsen, Scarborough, & Arbitron

This is an essay comparing the pros and cons of television media research. Discussed are Nielsen, Scarborough, and Arbitron research. Two sources are used. APA.

Television Research

Scarborough Research is a leader in consumer and media research tools.

It provides a syndicated research . . . .

Dobson Farm Products System Analysis Report

Dobson Farm Products began operations in 1983 as a small producer of poultry products including meat and eggs. They began as a family business with an office in a room of their farmhouse. In 1990 the operation had grown to a point where they had to hire a secretary, accountant, sales manager, and seven production workers. The company has grown . . . .

Why and under what Circumstances are People More Likely to Buy

Brand names Rather than their Generic Counterparts?


The uses of brand names, which are registered with the government, have become an important division of business. Non-brand names, known as "generic" products, are generally less expensive. Yet, brand names remain popular because they offer a . . . .

Computer Operating Systems Upgrade Project - Case Study


Project Definition and Objectives

Chapter 1 - Literature Review

Factors Involved in Choosing an Operating System

Traditional System Life Cycle

Chapter 2 - System Needs

Information Archiving and Data Storage


Chapter 3 - Types of Operating Systems

. . . .

This is a five page critique on Susan Bordo's The Male Body: A New Look at Men in Public and in Private. One source. MLA.

The Male Body:

New Look at Men in Public and in Private"

Susan Bordo takes her readers on a cultural historical journey in "The Male Body: A New Look at Men in Public and in Private." She describes eras of media coverage regarding the male's private . . . .

Strategic Marketing Plan For Stromner Music, Inc.

Defining the Business

Stromner Music Inc. is a new business start-up developed from a demand created by the recent introduction of MP3s and the issues of piracy and copyright violations involved in the Music Industry vs. Napster Case. MP3 is a technology that allows people to download music in digital format and listen to it on . . . .

The Impact of the Terrorist Attacks on New York City

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Literature Review

Consumer Behavior and Risk

Terrorism and Consumerism in the Melting Pot

How has September 11 Impacted Americans

Economic Impact of terrorism

Outlook for the New York Economy

Rationale for Study

Chapter 3 - Methodology

. . . .

McCabe VS British America Tobacco Australia Services Limited


On March 22, 2002 a judgment was rendered on a hearing on January, 24, 30-31, February 1,4-8, 11-13, 25-27 and March 1, 2002. In the case of McCabe VS British America Tobacco Australia Services Limited, the defendant claimed that cigarette smoking is responsible for her lung cancer. Ms. McCabe started . . . .

The two advertisements for Harley Davidson both have the overall message that Harley Davidson's are for rebellious individuals and that societies rules do not apply to the Harley Davidson owner.

The text of the first ad, "in some circles, paisley and florals have yet to catch on" sets the tone for the ad and also conveys the meaning. Firstly, the text has an air of importance to it as . . . .

Impact of E-Commerce on Business Strategy

Literary Review

The purpose of this literary review is to determine the effects and impacts of e-commerce on business strategies and internal processes with particular emphasis on the travel industry.

Our review will include material from several different sources including the Sloan Management Review, Travel Weekly and white . . . .

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