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Advertising- Mobile phone category

Analyses of advertisements for Apple iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia

***** the analyses of TV ads in the mobile phone *****, ads ***** Apple iPhone ("Read"), Verizon BlackBerry Storm, ***** Nokia N96 (featuring Bruce Lee playing ping pong) were chosen. Brief description of each TV ad is as follows:

The Apple iPhone ad entitled "Read" features the different applications available in the iPhone 3G. It shows a close-up im*****ge of the ***** itself, with ***** user act*****g as "navigator" for the viewers to see the different applications of the phone. Three (3) applications are featured, demonstrating how users can view blogs, photos/pictures as complex ***** MRI images, and e-books where pages ***** be turned/"flipped" with a touch of ***** finger on the lower right corner of the screen. A voice-over (VO) informs ***** viewers of each applicati***** throughout the commercial, using repetitively ***** phrase, "there's an app for that." The ad closes with the tagline, "There's an app for just about everything. Only on the iPhone," after which logos ***** ***** ***** iPhone 3G and AT&T ***** s*****n.

The BlackBerry ***** *****, meanwhile, features the BlackBerry Storm on a wooden table with a cup of coffee. Viewers he*****r a *****, ********** ***** owner of the voice ***** possibly ***** individual drinking the coffee on the *****. From the tell-tale clue of the blue green carpet, one can assume ***** the setting is an *****fice, al*****it a homey one. This is confirmed when the VO expresses his curiosity over ***** BlackBerry phone on the table, indicating that ***** ***** is not his, and it probably belongs to someone else in the office. He picks up the phone out of curiosity, since he has 'already seen BlackBerries before,' and he wants to know "what ***** fuss is all *****." As he picks up the phone, the screen goes blank, ***** viewers ***** hear the VO saying, "Wow." The ad closes with ***** from BlackBerry Storm (***** the line "Coming soon") and ***** Wireless.

Lastly, the Nokia N96 ad features Bruce ***** using a chain weapon as ***** "paddle" in a p*****g pong game. Known for his prowess in ***** martial arts, the video captures Bruce Lee playing singles a l***** martial ***** style with, presumably, a Chinese player. The video is shot in black and white, ***** the 60-seconder ad is divided ********** two matches: the first part showing Lee playing singles, and the second part showing him playing doubles, still with his chain *****. Lee defeats both players, ***** the ad closes with a shot of the Noki***** N96 with a VO ***** Lee's famous "hiyaaaah!" ***** arts call sound. A rotated view of N96 is shown, showing the image and name of Lee engraved at the back of the phone, ***** text written in Chinese characters. ***** ad closes by ***** ***** URL where viewers can get more information ab***** N96:

***** these ads, both Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Storm demonstrated a cle*****r positioning of their


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