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An Argument for Animal Testing

This paper presents an argument opinion about animal testing. The writer argues that animal ***** is a necessity and ***** alternative testing is not as effective. There were four sources used to complete this paper.

Throughout the years there have been many groups who have protested using animals for the purpose of testing products. These products include medical products, consumer ***** and research ***** cures and discoveries about illnesses and disorders. The ***** who protest the use of animals say that it is cruel to use them for the tests when ***** methods could be found. While alternative methods have ***** developed for many types of testing the use of ***** ***** ***** must still ***** embraced. Alternative testing methods have not proven *****selves to be as reliable as animal *****.

Those who oppose animal testing believe ***** it ***** inhumane treatment of living things. Over the years *****re ***** been hotly debated *****s over the ***** ***** ***** testing as well ***** sits ins, *****s and other ***** of demonstrations regarding the practice(Ahmad, 1999). There are some who disagree with the use of animal testing in the cosmetic *****dustry while agreeing that the medical field needs toe green light to use *****s in its *****. Then there are those ***** *****ly protest any animal testing at all even in the face of curing diseases(Policy, 2001).

***** who use animals ***** conduct research say th***** *****ey have no ill feelings towards the animals and they try and conduct the ***** in such a m*****nner that it will be as comfortable for the animal ***** possible ***** still obta*****ing the answers ***** ***** need from ***** research(Wereschagin, 2000). There is a group called FACTS, which attempts to correct any misconception about the facts in animal research that are being promoted. In addition there ***** strict federal regulations about animal research ***** how it is conducted; what it can be ********** for and what it cannot be used for. It is called the Federal Animal Welfare Act and has ***** in existence s*****ce 1966. Since ***** inception it has *****en amended four times to further protect the ***** in question(Wereschag*****, *****). "The act regulates "***** care and treatment ***** most warm-blooded animals bred ***** commercial sale, used in research, transported commercially, or exhibited in public," according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Web site. It requires animal researchers to meet certain st*****ards ***** animal testing as well as having all research labs subject ***** surprise *****pections(Wereschagin, 2000)." The places where the animals are kept must be cleaned and *****y cannot distress or cause stress to the animal if the animal has ***** be transported(Wereschagin, *****). ***** these measures ***** taken to insure that the animals are treated as well as possible given the circumstances ********** groups are ***** attacking the animal testing. ***** testing ***** ***** be continued be***** anything short of ***** testing is less effective in ***** use and its function(Wereschagin, 2000).

Many of the


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