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Assure Model of Educational design and course development.


***** ASSURE method educational course design, in particular coursed which ********** technology ***** media into the teaching process provides the teacher with a system*****tic approach to writing lesson plans. The model provides a plan used to help teachers organize instructional procedures in a complex environment which utilizes technology, multi-medi*****, and traditional teaching methods. The ASSURE ***** is ***** to help teachers do an authentic *****d complete assessment of student learning at the termin*****ion of the class.


In a r*****pidly evolving educational *****, teaching methods and teaching theory is changing almost weekly. Every school d*****trict in the nation is feeling new pressures from the President's "No Child Will Be Left *****hind" act to improve their test performance, and put an immediate and lasting halt ***** the declining educational ***** which has permeated our nation's education system for the past 20 years. The ***** model gives teachers who may be struggling to cover all the tasks required to initiate new curriculum. The model helps the teachers develop a checklist to evaluate their curriculum, and a recheck system to evaluate the instructions success after ***** class ***** been completed. The ASSURE model st*****s *****:

***** learners, and identify their abilities, goals, ***** resources

State objectives of the class in clear, measurable terms.

***** instructional methods, media, and materials which will reach the goals stated above.

Utilize media and materials, which is an euphemism for teach the materials.

Require learner participation in the ***** process ***** order ***** engage the *****

***** and revise the ***** and content at the completion of the class in order to measure the effectiveness ***** the curriculum, and the teaching process selected for the project.

This paper will use ***** ***** method for teaching high school student to use Front Page web authoring software ***** create ***** own personal ***** pages. Front page has set a cle*****r ***** complete standard for web authoring tools, and the students ***** gain a complete underst*****nding of the process of designing a ***** site, ***** ***** sight, and then uploading the ***** to the internet server.

Analyze Learners

This step is broken down ***** identifying the general characteristics, early learning competencies, ***** learning styles of ***** students.

***** Characteristics

The description of the ***** as a *****le is th*****t the class consists of high ***** freshmen. They have had much experience reading and surfing web sites by ***** time they reach the 9th grade, but *****y ***** little experience writing and publishing a site. They come to the class with ideas of pages which they like, and can identify ***** ***** they did not ***** during their times surfing the web. The school is a typical middle class suburbia school, which no mainstreamed special educational students. Th***** is a ***** ***** inquisitive 9th *****rs who are interested in the elective class called "Com*****er programming and Design."

Entry Competencies

The k*****wledge base expected of the students expects that ***** students in this class


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