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Black Churches / New Pastors

***** Influences and Issues of the Black Church, the Black Family, ***** Faith-Based Ministries in ***** 21st Century


What are the key issues surrounding the African-American Church in the year 2005? What should new pastors be learning as they train to become Christian leaders in their communities? How should an aspiring preacher approach the m*****y social problems that confront the African-American community - and which issues ***** appropriate for associating with sermons or bible study and which are better left to small group discussion within ***** church's weekly calendar ***** events?

***** families of the ***** Millennium are hungry for *****hip - children ***** subjected to more influences outside the home than ever before, and many of those influences are not healthy or valid - and families come ***** church for inspiration and spiritual guidance, so, what will today's church provide for families that can help them find their way through the wilderness of today's often confusing **********, and ***** *****m greet a more blessed tomorrow?

Indeed, what would Dr. Martin Luther King say ***** the important discussions to be held in terms of ***** ********** ***** clergy that is responsible for leadership within the ***** side of the black ***** - and indeed, ***** would Jesus Chr*****t be talking about, what ***** Jesus believe are the highlights of today's world that should be pivotal themes in preparing a pastor for his or her career?

These questions and others (raised through the assigned readings) will be addressed in this paper. Also, when ***** from the literature raise additional questions or valid points, ***** will also be examined ***** presented as worthy for consideration.

The Literature, the Issues, ***** Relevant Substantive Ide***** ***** Pastors

***** Billingsley ***** Jacob's Ladder

Inside the hard-bound cover of Andrew Billingsley's book, Climbing Jacob's Ladder: The Enduring legacy of African-American Families, is to be found pages upon ***** of ***** great w*****dom and big-picture vision of a man who is highly respected in the academic and scholarly communities, as well as in the ***** community. To borrow an old advert**********g slog*****, ***** Billingsley speaks, people listen; and when he writes, people read, and people think deeply about what he expresses. Reading his *****s helps a young would-***** ***** learn how to tell a story ***** has plenty of power, honesty and relevance, and yet carries with it some degree of entertaining value at the same time.

He is known for setting ***** stage for ***** important messages by first pointing out the lack ***** logic in stereotypes; for example, ***** his book's "Introduction" he notes that ***** situation for the average black family in America is ***** m*****understood when it comes to success vs. poverty, s*****ce *****re are "***** than three *****s as ***** non-poor blacks as there are poor blacks" (Billingsley, 20), and yet, as is so clear in America **********, many non-blacks cont*****ue to hang on ***** the stereotype that nearly all blacks are ***** the lower rung


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