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Bullying Proposal


The national phenomenon of bullying must be considered across individual, family, peer, school, and community contexts. Because ***** tends to perpetuate itself, formulating and implementing effective bullying prevention and intervention programs demands an understanding of the environment that establishes and maintains it. Based on reports ***** ***** at Arthur County Schools in Arthur, Nebraska, an ethnographic research of this problem will be conducted to identify causes ********** possible interventions. The participants in the study are 11 seventh grade students, five girls and six boys, who were involved with ***** bully/victim dyad during the previous year. The instruments used were a bullying questionnaire to comp***** victimization and emotional status of the participants and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills ***** assess academic performance. A synthesis of the results of the interviews and statistical ***** of the Iowa Tests ***** be made to identify any relationship between bullying/ ***** ***** ***** performance.

Problem statement and research questions

Problem background

Definition of the problem

Proposed solution

Educational significance

Research *****

Literature Review

Statement ***** hypothesis and rationale


Data analysis

Description of media and materials

***** timeline

*****: Identifying and Administering Effective Bullying Interventions Programs

***** statement and research questions

Problem background

To date, just one large-scale study on bullying in the United States has been *****; in this study by Nansel, Overpeck, Pilla, Ruan, Simons-Morton, & Scheidt (2001), 15,686 6th-through 10th-grade students ***** requested to complete surveys on *****. Of these respondents, 29.9 percent reported moderate to frequent involvement in bullying when they were assessed in 1998. Of this 29.9 percent reporting ***** instances, 13 percent identified themselves as the bullies *****, 10.6 percent self-***** ***** victims, ***** 6.3 percent self-identified as bully-victims. These researchers determined that bullying behaviors typically *****ok place more often in middle school than ***** high school, and boys were more likely than girls to be involved in bullying (Nansel et al., 2001). Further, the ***** identified in ***** study exhibited the most pervasive negative psychosocial outcomes and there were no differences in bullying across urban, suburban, and rural areas (Nansel et al., *****). These same trends are evident even in small schools such as ***** County Schools where bully*****g situations have become evident over the past several months within the ***** grade class. Two students, ***** male and one female have reported incidents of being bullied. The bullying thus far has ***** mostly verbal with taunting, teasing and some exclusion but "accidental" bumping and kicking under ***** table have also been reported.

Definition ***** the problem

The academic performance of one male victim in particular has dropped one ***** equivalent. His teachers are report*****g ***** he ***** become distracted and does *****t complete his work on time. He will *****ten make remarks that are not pertinent to the discussion ***** has chosen to move to a se*****t in the back of the classroom away from ***** other students. In looking through his K through 6 records it appears that t***** s*****udent has done above


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