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The Character Development of Squeaky in "Raymond's Run" by Toni Cade Bambara

Paying attention to what happens in the sidel*****es can often changes our lives as we learn in the short story "Raymond's *****" by ***** Cade *****. In this story, the protagonist, Squeaky, learns a valuable lesson about ***** worth of others by noticing something that her brother, Raymond, does. While ***** is simply running to imitate his sister, a seemingly insignificant thing, this action changes Squeaky in a significant way. Seeing her brot***** run causes her to realize that everyone, no matter how different they are, h***** something to ********** the world.

The characters of Gretchen and Mary Louise are pivotal to *****'s development because of how ***** feelings change at the end ***** the story. When she encounters Gretchen on the street, we are told that ***** talks about Squeaky "like a dog" (Bambara 22), a completely disrespectful thing to do. Likewise, Squeaky also exhibits disrespect for Gretchen and ***** Louise ***** telling us that Mary ***** is fat ***** from "Raggedy Town Baltimore" (23). These statements demonstrate how Squeaky is not quite self-confident or grown up enough to stop calling people names. She also tells us ***** Gretchen smiles at her "but it's not a smile, and I'm thinking th***** girls never really smile at each o*****er because they ********** know how and don't want to know *****" (*****). The scene with these girls illustrates how Squeaky is still ***** immature when it comes to dealing ***** people.

Raymond ***** also significant to Squeaky's ***** in that by the end of the story, her attitude ***** him changes almost completely. Early in the story, we read that Raymond "needs looking after" (21) and is "***** quite right" (21). Squeaky is aware that it is ***** responsibility to look after him and this is a responsibility that she does not take lightly. When ***** say bad things about him, they have to answer to Squeaky. ***** this is a noble attitude Squeaky has toward her brother, it does not include much, if any, respect ***** Raymond as a person who is capable of ***** of anything on h***** own. Squeaky sees defending Raymond as an act to prove herself to others.

***** May Day race is also ***** ***** it is at th***** event when Squeaky starts growing up. While Squeaky is running the *****, she catches a glimpse ***** her brot***** who is also running along with his ***** on the other side of the fence. She states, "it's the first time I ever saw ***** and I almost stop to watch my brother ***** ***** his very first run" (26). Her statement suggests that for the first time, she realizes that her ***** is a human being that consists ***** something much more than being someone that is not quite right. She understands, perhaps for the first time, that she and her brother have more in common than she realized. For one thing, they both


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