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Computer Forensics

1.0. The "New Kid on the Block"

2.0. A Discipline for Crime Detection and Data Restoration

3.0. The Methodology and Its Application

3.1. Identification of ***** Source

3.2. Preservation of the Evidence

3.3. Analysis of the *****

3.4. Presentation of ***** Findings

4.0. The Future Arts and Science




In this modern and high technology generation, a lot of the professions or occupations our f*****ebears came to know about are almost extinct. Some of these ***** the typing pools, filing clerks, millers, smiths, stokers and miners. Most of these jobs have been replaced by technology and pretty soon robots and robotics technology would replace other occupations as well. Before the 1980s, when ***** term "forensics" is heard *****, the first thing that would come to mind ***** a cold and dank morgue where pathologists work on the dead to de*****ine caused of death. For those in the account*****g or other numbers field, they would most likely think ***** forensics as accounting forensics wherein a thorough *****udit is done on "the books" to determine any malfeasance in generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Thus if the words computer ***** was mentioned during those days, people might think you're crazy or you might get a "Huh!" reaction.

Computer forensics is one of ***** new professions that resulted through the ubiqui*****us use of ********** and the Internet. It is indeed "***** new kid on the block" am*****gst ***** ***** considering it is only in its third decade. If computer ***** ***** a person, he ***** only have been in his early twenties and fresh out of college working on probably his ***** real job. ***** history ***** computer forensics formally began in t***** early 1980s when the "FBI Magnetic Media Program was created ***** 1984 - this later be*****s the Computer ***** and Response Team (CART) (PC*****, *****05)." The next two decades saw ***** formalization and professionalism of the filed via several ***** groups, symposia and establishments of ***** forensics units (, 2005):

***** - First International Conference on Computer Evidence held

1995 - International Organization on Computer Evidence (IOCE) formed

1997 - The G8 countries declared that "Law enforcement personnel must be trained and equipped to address high-tech crimes" in the Moscow Communique of December

1998 - In March, ***** G8 appointed IICE to create international ***** for the procedures relating to digital evidence; INTERPOL *****ensic ***** Symposium

1999 ***** ***** ***** case load exceeds 2000 *****s, examining 17 terabytes of data

2000 - First FBI Regional ***** Forensic Laboratory established

2003 - FBI CART case load exceeds 6500 cases, examining 782 terabytes of data


***** rise of computer forensics was the result ***** ***** need to determine culpability in hacking or cybercrime activities. On the o*****r hand, computer f*****ensics may also help in restoring lost ***** due to fire or water damage so that recovery of lost data may help a person or comp***** move


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