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Cruelty and Kindness in Halfbreed

***** by Maria Campbell is an autobiography where Campbell describes the struggles of her life. Campbell's struggles center around her be*****g a halfbreed, a half-Indian and half-white person, rejected by both ***** Indian and the white people. Cruelty and kindness are important themes ***** Campbell's story. Firstly, there is the human cruelty of d*****crimination, represented by the acts of ***** people. Secondly, there is the cruelty of society, where society oppresses people. Finally, it is a belief in ***** kindness that allows Campbell to overcome ***** *****, with the writing of ***** autobiography an act of reaching out to the people who have discriminated against her and offering them the opportunity ***** understand the cruelty of their ways and choose to change these ways.

***** first ***** is ***** of the *****, ***** people who discriminate against ***** ***** treat her as an outcast. It is seen how both the *****s *****d the whites reject her and her people, leaving Campbell feeling like she does not belong anywhere. The outcome of this treatment is that ***** halfbreeds live in extreme poverty. Examples ***** this discrim*****ation ***** presented throughout the book ***** show how discrimination was a part of life for ***** halfbreed ***** something they could never escape from. This begins in her childhood where she is treated as a social outcast at school. ***** continues to ***** her family are driven out of the church. Campbell also describes ***** ***** assumed the ***** would steal, always w*****ching ********** when ***** entered s*****res. *****ir living conditions are also cruel, where they are forced to live in shacks along the road. This is human cruelty against the halfbreeds by a society that does not accept them as valuable. They are essentially treated ***** as people, but as animals, not worthy of a life ***** everyone else. *****'s husb*****nd also shows how this complete lack of respect for the halfbreed leads to cruelty. Her husband is an abusive m***** ***** causes Ca*****pbell to ***** her children placed in foster homes and *****n leaves her. It is relevant that after Campbell is deserted by her husb*****, her only option is to turn to prostitution, effectively showing that the only value Campbell has ***** as a sexual object. While individual ***** is a major ***** of the book, Campbell also recognizes that ***** cruelty gets its basis from society. People ***** cruel to halfbreeds, discriminating against ********** and treating them as un***** people, but this attitude stems from the nature of society, not from ***** individuals being inherently cruel people.

***** ***** that it is the ***** of society that is responsible for the treatment of the halfbreeds. The halfbreeds are homeless because the government *****ok their land from them, *****cing them to live in poverty. Their culture ***** ***** accepted, instead ***** were expected to fit into the Canadian culture. This separated ***** halfbreeds from the rest of *****, forcing them to be seen ***** **********. Campbell expresses


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