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Customer Analysis/consumer behavior on Major Home Appliances (Maytag)

Customer description at industry level

The typical major home appliance customer is part of a couple, a homeowner, and ***** buying his or her first or second washing machine, refrigerat*****, or stove and desires a quality product, rat***** than a product th*****t will simply 'do the job' for a short period of time. Demographically t***** consumer demand segment is more likely to be composed of ********** than renters. Geographically ********** buyers are likely to be somewhat dispersed, as no single ***** of the country but more likely to be concent*****ed in suburban than urban are*****. Psycho graphically they value home life. Their lifestyles include children, and Compared to purchasers ***** non-qualified products, ***** purchasers also tend to be slightly older, and slightly ***** educated. Purchasers of Energy efficient products tended to ***** even older—while the average home appliance customer is between 40-49 years old, the energy ***** conscious consumer was 50-59 in h***** or her ***** age range. (D&R International, 1999, p.1) Behavi*****al characteristics in terms ***** how they use the product would define them as ***** heavy uses (cookers rather than consumers of fast food), individuals who desire a quality product because they frequently use the *****. The median income of such buyers is $60,000 to $74,999, with the distribution ***** incomes fairly consistent between purchasers of energy saving models and those who did not buy a compli*****nt model.. (D&R *****, 1999, p.4)

Describes which variables are relevant to describe segments

The fact that durable goods purchases ***** ***** yearly *****, and are usually made by individuals ***** have ***** a commitment ***** ***** ***** a home and who are older and more highly ***** than ***** average consumer, means that customers are seeking a high level ***** qu*****lity, not ***** just the cheapest good possible, which means ***** low pricing is not enough. ********** reputation is for quality of service as well as low pricing also confirms that a discount is not enough to create demand for an item. The fact that it is a joint dec*****ion on a ***** ***** me*****s that much discussion and research will likely go in***** ***** product, although if a tr*****ditional paring the women may ***** more 'say' about the product's potential *****s, while the man, less informed about *****, may have more consideration for make and price and efficiency.

Explain why those variables ***** the relevant ones

This decision-making process affects how ***** product is ***** and how the product ***** positioned in the market. The fact that this is a need-driven r*****ther than a purely want-driven product, and requires plann*****g rather than impulse buying means that demand ***** be less elastic in ***** of price, and more dependant on other *****ors such as changes ***** life circumstances, such as home *****, marriage, or relocation from one area to the *****.

Segments are *****d

*****, women, *****s and couples, older and younger people, second ***** first time appliance *****, couples that do a


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