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Develop and Implement Operational Plan

Development ***** Implementation of ***** Plan

Just a few years ago, hotel restaurants were generally nothing to brag about, but things have changed in substantive ways in recent years. Today, the competition is fierce among hoteliers to provide their guests with the best in what ***** available locally and from around the world ***** help draw them into their facilities and keep ***** there. To this end, this paper provides an operational plan for a hospitality enterprise for the refurbishment of ***** Lake House restaurant located within the ***** House hotel, Daylesford, Victoria. A description of the company ***** the restaurant to be refurbished is provided below, followed by the aim of the operational plan, the internal and external business environment in which the business competes, operational details and some human resources considerations. An assessment of the financial ***** technological requirements for the project is followed by a description of the monitoring responsibilities for the refurb*****hment project as well as ***** internal and ***** factors that may affect the ***** *****.

Company description.

The enterprise to be refurnished pursuant to this operational plan is Lake House, Daylesford, *****; ***** ***** has *****en consistently voted one of Australia's ***** regional restaurants that offers fine dining by ***** water, with deluxe accommodations (Meryment, 2006). The London Sunday Times procl*****s this restaurant to be "Daylesford's Best Kept Secret" ***** calls it, "A seducing *****, ***** House is ***** of the leading boutique hotels in the *****" (***** *****, 2006 at p. 3). Another guest reports th*****, "***** Lake ***** is a graceful retreat wi***** an emphas***** on art, food and urbane indulgence ***** now suitable equipped with a centre of pummels ********** bubbles" (in Meryment, 2006 at p. 3). A representative view ***** the hotel is provided ***** Figure 1 *****.

Figure *****. ***** House, Daylesford Victoria.


***** of the highlights of ***** restaurant are provided in Table 1 **********.

***** 1.

Highlights of Lake House, ***** Victoria restaurant.

***** Description Alla Wolf-Tasker Executive Chef Country Restaurant of the Year 47 Chefs Hats Restaurant ***** The Lake House dining room sunlit by day, boasts magnificent views through its large expanse of windows. At dusk, the kookaburras fly in to be fed on the outdoor terraces. ***** restaurant glows with the magic and romance of candlelight. A log fire provides a warm welcome th***** winter. C*****temporary ********** cuisine Lake House showcases a menu ***** pays homage to ***** ********** ***** seasonal produce and the efforts of our regional suppliers. A team of talented, dedicated young cooks under the direction of ***** chef ***** Wolf Tasker work from the ground up producing virtually everything on the premises. Winter is here and with it ***** much longed for rains. The heat in the ***** s*****red over ***** long hot summer and this welcome deluge have produced the biggest mushroom crop I've seen in years. We've all been out ga*****r*****g slippery jacks and saffron milk caps in the forest, sharing


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