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Disaster Preparedness

There is no doubt that the disasters of recent years, including terrorist attacks, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, and tornadoes, have spurred the awareness ***** preparedness on all levels. Disaster preparedness has become a top priority for local, state and federal agencies, as well as ***** average citizen.

***** December 2005, a report was released by Emergency ***** News that revealed the ***** government had received a D+ for post 9/11 public he*****lth emergency preparedness (Feds). Moreover, according to the Trust ***** America's Health, thirty-two states scored five or less out of ten f***** key preparedness indicators (Feds). A panel of twenty experts was assembled by TFAH to evaluate the federal government based on twelve aspects ***** emergency preparedness (Feds). Based on the evaluations, federal agencies received a D or D- for coordination among agencies, establishing measurable goals, the Small Pox Initiative, Hurricane Katrina public health responsibilities, and the BioWatch program (Feds). *****, ***** evaluation determined that states made poor showings in being prepared for a surge of patients, consultation with infection control *****, and prioritizing and distributing vaccines and antidotes during a disease ********** (Feds).

***** Federal ***** Management Agency has designed several ********** ***** all *****, including local, state, and federal, of emergency preparedness. FEMA warns that following a dis*****ster, communities may be isolated and unable to communicate ********** the area itself *****/***** ***** other areas (Federal). The Community Emergency Response Team, CERT, program supports volunteers at a local level by providing training ***** will teach them to organize and respond to a disaster, such a reaching the disaster site, assisting victims, and collecting ***** intelligence (*****). ***** is sponsored ***** ***** governments, and cons*****ts of twenty hours of instruction on *****ics that include "disaster preparedness, fire safety, ***** medical operations, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster psychology" (Federal). Upon completion, participants then are able to participate in training activities and help their local ***** *****tter prepare for emergencies (*****).

***** *****d has numerous advantages by helping to reduce fear ***** anxiety, and helping to reduce loss ***** life and property (Federal). Many precautions are relatively basic, such as knowing what to do in the event of a fire, where to seek shelter in ***** event ***** a tornado, being aware of the locations of ***** shelters, and knowledge of b*****ic medical needs (Federal). Citizens should know how to respond ***** disasters, whether natural or terr*****ism, by preparing to be self-sufficient for at least three days, including "providing for shelter, first aid, food, water, and sanitation" (Federal). According to *****, every citizen is part of the national emergency management system, thus it ***** vital ***** be aware of the responsibilities involved in protecting family and loved ones, such as knowing ***** risks ***** danger signs, purch*****ing insurance, and assembling a disaster supply kit (Federal).

***** officials are responsible ***** identifying hazards and assessing risk to communities, enforcing building codes and zoning ordinances, coordinating emergency plans, responding to *****s and hazardous materials incidents, securing emergency supplies


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