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Domestic Violence

Thesis Statement:

The paper shall deal with the effects of domestic violence in general and also which happens in a Christian marriage. It shall explain as to how domestic violence affects children and ***** person being abused. The ***** shall ***** with examples ***** domestic *****, how church leaders are dealing ***** domestic violence in Christian families, how domestic violence and divorce are interrelated.


***** ***** may be defined as any action, which can be deemed as the use or threat of use of physical, emotional, vocal, or sexual ab***** with the aim to instill fear, intimidation, and control of behavior. Domestic violence happens in the area of *****timate relationship and could continue even after the relationship h***** been terminated. Physical abuse, ***** abuse, and psychological abuse all form part of Domestic violence. Estimates of the rate ***** domestic ***** prove difficult, since m***** of the victims do not let others know that they are involved in partner violence. It is believed ***** ***** regard to violent ***** aga*****st females in the context of intimate ***** the police are in*****ed of only 20% ***** all rapes, 25% of all physical assaults, and 50% of all stalking occurrences. (Domestic *****: A National Center for PTSD Fact Sheet)


look at some statistics to provide ***** prevalence of domestic violence in the US *****clude the fact that ***** violence is not restricted by ethnic, racial, age, national origin, sexual orientation, religious and socioeconomic lines. A conservative estimate puts ***** number of women as ***** ***** nonfatal violence by an ***** at one million each year. Almost one in three adult women have had at le*****t physical assault experience by a partner during adulthood *****d twenty eight percent of all annual violence against women is by intimates. Five percent of all annual violence perpetuated against men is again by intimates. ***** potential risk to a woman increases dramatically when she sepa*****s or *****s her spouse, as wo***** are fourteen times m*****e likely ***** become a victim ***** violence by the spouse or ex-spouse. (Domestic Violence: A National Center ***** PTSD ***** Sheet)

Domestic ***** could have a varying effect on the physical health. ***** injury, chronic pelvic pain, abdominal and g*****tro-intestinal complaints, frequent vaginal ***** urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV are some of these varied experiences of the victims of domestic violence. Pregnancy- related problems ***** anot***** area of concern in the case ***** ***** violence where pregnant women are concerned. Women who face domestic violence dur*****g pregnancy face a higher risk f***** poor weight gain, pre-term labor, miscarriage, and low ***** o***** the infant at birth, and injury t***** the fetus or even fetal death. Several psychological effects are also seen as a result of ***** violence. The most frequently seen effect is depression with nearly 60% of battered ***** s*****ing signs ***** depression. The risk of suicide attempts is also high where women ***** domestic violence. Domestic violence victims could also experience Posttraumatic Stress D*****order


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