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The microwave oven is one of the great inventions of the twentieth century since millions of homes in America have one. Microwave ovens are popular because they cook food incredibly quickly. They are also extremely efficient in their use of electricity because a microwave oven heats only the food and nothing else.

A microwave oven uses microwaves to heat food. Microwaves are radio waves . . . .

The Importance of Summer Camps and Programs in the Development of Children

Purpose of the Paper

The purpose of this paper is to represent to the reader the importance of organized summer camps and programs in youth development. A special emphasis throughout the paper is placed on the influence of recreation on child development and personal growth.

By defining the effect . . . .

The Effectiveness of Seatbelt Laws:

Matter of Choice or Conscience?


Motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer of America's youth. Sadly, taking 5 seconds to buckle a seat belt could have prevented such senseless accidents and saved thousands of lives. While no one disagrees that seat belts do indeed save lives, statistics show that while some people do . . . .

Tecumseh and the Shawnee Prophet

Tenskwatawa "The prophet" and Tecumseh

Tenskwatawa was born in 1778 at Old Piqua near present day Springfield, Ohio. His father was an important Shawnee chief. Lauliwasikau was one of eight children, and he protected his younger brother Tecumseh and acted as his protector. Lauliwaskiau would eventually be known as Tenskwatawa.

In 1783, at . . . .

Overuse of sex in advertising

This paper presents a detailed examination of sex in advertising. The writer takes the reader on an exploratory journey into the use of sex in advertising. There were 10 sources used to complete this paper.


The world is becoming an increasingly competitive place. While the globalization process moves forward, and teenagers grow up . . . .

An Argument for Animal Testing

This paper presents an argument opinion about animal testing. The writer argues that animal testing is a necessity and that alternative testing is not as effective. There were four sources used to complete this paper.

Throughout the years there have been many groups who have protested using animals for the purpose of testing products. These products . . . .

Madison Bell "Ten Indians"

Summary: This is a paper that analyzes the inner dynamics of the theme of the novel Madison Bell "Ten Indians."


The story Ten Indians is set in the town of Baltimore and is set to relate the story of Mike Devlin who is a psychiatrist and yet, his own personal conflicts are creating turmoil within himself and his practice. Bell, . . . .

Buying Behavior and the Buying Process


Interviews, company website, company brochure, press releases


Buyers use a variety of factors in selecting a company to provide them with a product or service, including the value proposition, reputation, pricing, and benefits.

Start by identifying a company that markets a common, higher- . . . .

F. Scott Fitzgerald Hollywood Years

The turning point in F. Scott Fitzgerald's life was when he met in 1918 Zelda Sayre, herself an aspiring writer, they married in 1920. In the same year appeared Fitzgerald's first novel, "This side of paradise," in which he used material from The Romantic Egoist. Its hero, Armory Blaine, studies in Princeton, serves in WW I in France. At the end of . . . .

The Oedipal Loop: Substance Abusers vs. 'Royalty'

The psychologies of substance abuse and of royalty may seem on one level to be worlds apart. One is, after all, literally on top of things by law, decree, and birth—the other only gets "to the top" in an illusory world created by reliance on the drug of choice. But upon closer examination, especially in the play Oedipus the King, the . . . .

Rock 'N Roll Music - The Diary of Youth

Rock n' roll is best described as a "hybrid of many musical styles: white country and western, black guitar blues and rhythm and blues, and both black and white gospel music." (De Curtis)

Rock ' roll began in the early 1950's as a dancing music strictly for teenagers and became known in the 1960's as simply rock music. This was because rock . . . .

In the past decades, the quality of indoor air has received and increasing amount of attention, including a large amount of discussion about sick building syndrome, which has been recognised since the 1970's. Certainly, most North Americans spend the majority of our lives indoors, and the quality of our indoor air environment has been shown to play a huge role on our health. A wide variety of . . . .

The US Beer Industry as a Differentiated Oligopoly

The U.S. beer industry frequently is cited as an example of a differentiated oligopoly. This is a market almost completely dominated by a few very large firms, and particularly by the market elephant, Anheuser-Busch. It is interesting to look at the U.S. beer industry in terms of the economic model that describes oligopolistic behavior . . . .

Patient Rights in Judaism - Ethics of Judaic Law vs. a Jewish Patient's Medical Rights

This paper looks at the analysis of how the Judaic faith feels regarding the treatment of patients and whether the patient has a right over his own body. This looks into the philosophical ideal of the halahkah.

Ethics of Judaic Law vs. a Jewish Patient's Medical Rights

The law of the . . . .

Rule of the Bone

About the author

The author Russell Banks writes in the manner that infused his stories with a sadistic honesty and moral goodness that his characters strive to live up to. He writes in striking and most often sad tones about the drama of daily life (Anderson, eye net).

Furthermore, his themes of failure, of weakness, of the complexity of living an honest . . . .

The Responsibility of Non-Urbanites to Help Resolve Urban Problems

In our increasingly interdependent society, in a world of trade globalization and the Internet and global warming, there are few things one group of people on one part of the planet can to that will not have repercussions for other people living on other parts of the planet. In an era in which people cannot be isolated . . . .

Ergotism & Witchcraft Hysteria in England During the Middle Ages

This paper looks at the witchcraft problems faced in England during the Middle Ages and the arguments used by Macfarlane in his book and also those used by Caporael on the possible reason for hallucinogenic properties of ergotism. Discussing the Salem witch-trials as an example and also the trial of England with . . . .

Internet Addiction


This research paper carefully and thoroughly examines the recent phenomenon of Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). This paper is designed to carefully analyze the impact of IAD on today's society, and attempt to outline how an individual with IAD can help overcome the limitations of the disorder.

First, IAD is defined, and its impact on society, . . . .

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution states: "A Well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Advocates of civil rights and civil liberties constantly demand unhindered freedom of press, of speech, and religious freedom. But when the issue of the Second Amendment arises, many . . . .

How Schizophrenia Affects the Brain, Person, & Family

This paper looks at the how schizophrenia affects the brain, the person, & the family, also looking at the history of the subject and its role within society. Bibliography cites four sources


Schizophrenia is one of a range of mental conditions that is widely misunderstood. May see it as a . . . .

Sexual Child Abuse

Child sexual abuse involves a broad range of sexual behaviors that take place between a child and an older person. These sexual behaviors are planned to erotically stir the older person, commonly without concern for the consequences, choices, or outcome of the behavior upon the child. Definite conducts that are sexually offensive frequently involve bodily contact, . . . .

multicultural counseling approaches used in the application of the family systems theory


The purpose of this discussion is to explain the multicultural counseling approaches used in the application of the family systems theory.

First we will define the Family Systems theory. Then the discussion will review three counseling approaches that utilize the theory in a . . . .



Cancer is a disease of the body's cells. Cells in all the tissues and organs of the body constantly grow and divide to swap old and damaged cells and maintain the health of the body. Normally, all cells divide and reproduce themselves in a systematic and controlled manner. In cancer, however, some cells keep dividing without proper control, forming a . . . .

Preparation, Structure, and Research Rules for Essay Writing

This paper considers how to write an essay. This looks at the preparation and content as well structure and general research rules. The bibliography cites eleven sources

How to write an essay

When writing a research or term paper there must be strict guidelines that have to be adhered to without exception, when . . . .

Rape is one of the most violent crimes perpetuated on women in society. The rape of a woman causes protective instincts to flare in even the most stoic men. Society deals with rapist in the courtroom but many laymen find themselves asking, what type of man becomes a rapist? Rape is forced sex, and it has long since been understood that rape is a crime of power and violence and has very little . . . .

Factors Impacting Health Care Delivery Systems

Two factors that have a significant impact on health care delivery systems are the rate of development of new technologies and the need to provide health care services to a more culturally diverse range of people.

Modern medicine is rapidly changing, with new treatments constantly being developed. This produces a challenge in how to . . . .

The Problem: Incidents of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Developing Countries

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) have been a problem for doctors worldwide and governments around the globe for many years.

Pre-screening, diagnosis, and treatment programs are required to stop the spread of STDs.

A host of sexually transmitted diseases have, unfortunately, exploded in . . . .

Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Developing Countries

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) have been a problem for doctors worldwide and governments around the globe for many years.

Pre-screening, diagnosis, and treatment programs are required to stop the spread of STDs.

A host of sexually transmitted diseases have, unfortunately, exploded in large numbers in the . . . .

Arthritic conditions found within the joints of the body: their causes, treatment, current research, and what effect they have on athletic participation.

Chapter One: Problem Statement

Chapter Two: Literature Review


Types of Arthritis 4

Osteoarthritis 5

Rheumatoid Arthritis 5

Psoriatic Arthritis 7

Causes of Arthritis 7

. . . .

Social problems affecting students and schools in the U.S.

Caring and coaching are two methodologies that can be used by teachers in classrooms comprised of students with problems ranging from teen pregnancy to violence.

Four other social problems, including drug use, alcohol use, suicide and delinquency, are among the top causes for student disengagement, and socioeconomic and . . . .

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