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Ecology of an Earthworm

This a six page paper concerning the ecology of an earthworm. There are five references used for this paper.


The earthworm plays an important role in preserving the environment worldwide. The number of people who are using earthworms for composting continually increases, as more information about the benefits of this method of recycling . . . .

Ecology: Conservation Biology

This is paper discusses an article about conservation biology and the efforts to improve survival rates of endangered species. There is one reference used for this paper.


There are a number of species in the world today that are faced with extinction. One of the main sources of extinction is parasitic invasion. An article on . . . .

Colonies on Mars: Can it be done? Should it be done?

In Patrick Moore's essay on Mars, he says, "Mars has proved to be a world of surprises. It is not in the least the kind of place we expected it to be " While the author continues in a somewhat whimsical way, his opening sentence gives the most compelling reason for going to Mars: we cannot learn nearly enough about it by using . . . .


Andean Indigenous Interest and Rights regarding the Politics of the Amazon


In today's society, there is a tremendous need for global initiatives to support biodiversity, conservation and the protection of nature, as well as the culture of local inhabitants, especially those living in the Amazon. In recent years, many governments and coalitions have . . . .

Isolation and Structure Determination of Biologically Active Natural Products Using Various Chromatographic Techniques









Chapter 1


Pharmacognosy - the branch of . . . .

Historical Particularism vs. Cultural Ecology

Franz Boaz defined the concept in anthropology, which is known by the name of "Historical Particularism." Boas was a champion of this theory, which, although it did not by any means totally ignore the greater theoretical framework that surrounded an event, focused directly on the event itself and attempted account for this event by tying it . . . .

Global Warming is a crisis effecting people all over the world. If left unchecked, global warming could have grave effects on ecosystems, animal, marine, plant and human life in the near future. Global warming has already impacted the earth in many ways, enough for researchers and scientists to proclaim it an international problem requiring immediate action. Recent statistics have indicated . . . .

Impact of Humans on Ecology-

Deforestation in Brazil


Humans have been supposedly trying to protect the eco-system and environment for a long time. However without realizing, they themselves are causing the most destruction by their ill-planned moves and carelessness. Deforestation is one the most cruel steps taken by man to damage ecology and endanger the . . . .

Feasibility Study on Ecotourism in Brazil


The premise and primary focus of this research is that the ecotourism in Brazil has been underdeveloped and that it could serve as an even greater source of income on both a local level and national level for the Brazilian economy. The nature of this research is such that quantitative results, such as those obtained from . . . .

This paper presents a detailed examination of Flags of Convenience as they pertain to maritime oil pollution. The writer explores UN and MARPOL mandates and discusses the Flags of Convenience. The writer then ties them into maritime oil pollution and presents recommendations for how this might be solved. There were 15 sources used to complete this paper.


As the world . . . .


A. most people think our national forests are protected

1. subsidized logging, mining and road construction exist in more than half of the land in our national-forest system

2. clear-cuting is common.

B. Competing views

1. Commercial logging interests

2. Residents and vacationers want intact forests

C. Competing opinions

1 . . . .


The dissertation will analyze the social and cultural impacts of establishing an eco-tourism enterprise in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. The main focus of the dissertation is on the following areas:

1. An analysis of eco-tourism development

2. An assessment of the opportunities - regional, domestic, international

3. An evaluation of the projects . . . .

This paper is on the 1988 Fire at Yellow Stone National Park. This paper discuses the events that took place during the 1988 Fire at Yellowstone National Park that took out 1.2 million acres.

1988 Fire at Yellow Stone National Park

Fires are dangerous and deadly but just how far they can go that can be seen with the example of the 1988 fire at the Yellow Stone National Park. . . . .

Alaskan Salmon: A Superior Product?

Chapter One

Relevant Background Information

Statement of the Problem

Research Hypotheses


Chapter Two


Health Effects

Chapter Three

Research Design

Statistical Analysis

Data Collection

Chapter Four



Recommendations . . . .



This paper concentrates on the developments in finance and financial entrepreneurship. The basis of the article is on a discussion that was held on this subject among four leading lights of financial entrepreneurship in the United States - Michael Milken, Lewis Ranieri, Richard Sandor and Myron Scholes. These people are famous in their own right and have . . . .

This paper presents an examination of two disciplines and how they approach and address similar issues. The writer explores the destruction of the Amazon Rain Forest from the perspective of the commercial beef growers as well as the perspective of the ecological advocates. There were four sources used to complete this paper.


As the world becomes more crowded it is . . . .

Value of Natural vs. Engineered Species Paper

Wild species, which includes that of animals, plants, and of other organisms, constitute the most part of the seafood of the world and of the timber. The Wild species provide a means of earning to the communities apart from providing them with food, medicines, fibers, skins, furs and forage, without which many communities could not have had . . . .

The Abundance and Distributional Variation of Dragonflies in a Forest in Response to Hydrology and Daily Ambient Temperatures.


This research concerns the dragonflies communities found at Kanahawa State Forest, in Charleston, West Virginia. The aim of the research is to determine where - and at what time of day - the dragonflies in this forest are most abundant. To . . . .

Pseudacris Regilla

The Pseudacris (or Hyla) Regilla is more commonly known as the Pacific Tree Frog. It is quite small, between three quarters to two inches in length. Its coloration varies greatly, and may be brown, green, red, gray, black, or some mixture of these colors.

A dark eye strip differentiates the Pacific Tree from other frogs. Ventral coloration is cream colored with . . . .

History of Sanitation


In our present lives, in hi-technology living spaces or homes, most of us spend our days indoors. Commonly, a home physically means an indoor place, inside space, a room, an apartment, a mobile home such as trailer or van or a structure that has a roof and walls strong enough to protect human beings from unpredictable danger such as intruders or . . . .

How Many Americans?

Leon F. Bouvier and Lindsey Grant address the controversial issues of immigration, population control, and the environment in their book How Many Americans? in which they note particularly the debate to limit immigration and some of the objections raised on both sides of the issue. They also indicate at the outset what they view as the essential elements of their . . . .

Marine Life Extinction Caused by Over Fishing

Our planet consists of 75% life-giving, life-sustaining water. From lakes to oceans, man relies on the waters of this planet to provide nourishment for survival - from drinking water to food to eat. Over the centuries, we have made use of these natural resources, but recently our use has turned to abuse as more and more marine species face . . . .

The ethics and morality of Paul Taylor's view of the environment

One key ethical issue, contentious amongst environmentalists today as well as those activists who oppose the ethical philosophy of environmentalism, is whether environmentalism should be focused on improving the lot of the human animal on earth, or should attempt to benefit all species upon earth in an equal fashion. The . . . .

animal rights

Introduction to the ESA

According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law (1996) the Endangered Species Act (ESA) obligated the government to protect all animal and plant life threatened with extinction. Included in this category are endangered species, which is defined as any species "which is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its . . . .

Integrating Total Quality Environmental Management Systems - a Critical Study of TQEM

Example Dissertation


Background and Overview of Study

Relevance of TQM to Environmental Management

Statement of the Problem

Scope of Dissertation


Moving from Reactive to Proactive Management

Understanding TQM . . . .

Environmental issues summaries

Issue 16: Is Sustainable Development Compatible With Human Welfare?

YES: Julie L. Davidson, from "Sustainable Development: Business as Usual or a New Way of Living?" Environment Ethics (Spring 2000)

YES: Researcher Julie argues that a radical conversion to sustainable development offers a way to make future humans freedom possible and . . . .


The Holes in Evolution Theory

The author is in a sense right that evolution should not be taught as a matter of fact, but it can be taught as a supposition. In the absence of an empirical proof as to the origin of life or the creation of the planet, we must not support teaching evolution as a fact. However, Science classes need not be restricted to teaching only . . . .

Tourism Industry Marketing


The travel and tourism industry is one of the more prominent and well-discussed industries in the business world today. The Caribbean islands with their natural beauty of sun, sand and sea has always been attractive to the North American and European traveler, typically faced with winter six (or more) months in a year. With the tourism . . . .

Nature and Ecology

The notion of nature is that opposites attract and there is much binary opposition in human-nature relationships.

It is important to understand that the human species--along with its culture--is a part of the ecosystem. Therefore, ecology describes the material processes in ecosystems, such as the imbalances of carbon, nitrogen, or phosphorus cycles, the . . . .

Gaia and God

Rosemary R. Ruether's book, Gaia and God: An Ecofeminist Theology of Earth Healing presents a thorough look at the relationship between Christianity, patriarchal society, and the destruction of the environment. She argues that the Christian concept of sin is at the root of the domination of women, the environment, and the need to dominate other humans. In order to overcome . . . .

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