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California public school administrators are facing a significant problem from teacher shortages due to both attrition and retention problems. Large numbers of retiring baby boomers, as well as teachers leaving the profession or the state because of dissatisfaction has created an increase in demand/open teaching positions across the state. Reasons for ***** include lack of room for advancement, unfavorable response to ***** "No Child Left Behind" legislation, pay issues, and ***** of support ***** school administration. California universities and other sources of teachers are not training enough teachers to fill the gap.

In the absence ***** trained *****, interns, emergency certified teachers, and otherwise under-prep*****d individuals are teaching in California schools. This piecemeal solution is causing *****s in the education because under-prepared teachers are more prevalent in at-risk schools. Quick and effective methods of attracting qualified teachers and retaining them in ***** is necessary to avoid serious long-term problems in education. Addressing areas ***** dissatisfaction among current teachers is also crucial to maintaining the current workforce.

A review of the available research ***** surveys reveals many possible solutions, including incentives and measured to make the teaching career more rewarding. Recognizing that most non-retiree attrition is due to teachers having better opportunities in another field or situation, a long-term plan needs to be put ********** effect that *****s teaching in California competitive with other fields in terms of compensation, personal development, and possibility for advancement. Any plan must ***** attract future teachers while also making teaching an attractive ***** for students deciding on a future career. Possible alternative ********** *****d suggestions from national and regional studies are discussed.

***** Human Resources Dilemma Confronting Public School Administrations

*****. Introduction

***** ***** school ***** have been addressing the immense task of managing teacher ***** across the state. The challenge involves both recruiting and retaining quality school*****s for California schools. Administrators ***** implemented stopgap measures ***** searching for a long-term solution to this growing problem. Fresh ***** based on ***** of teacher trends are needed, along with more research on teacher satisfaction and attrition statistics.

State agencies set stricter guidelines ***** teachers in the past decade, ***** ***** problem of balancing teacher ***** and qualification with availability. Qualified applicants are also not available ***** to declining interest, with low numbers ***** trained ***** being trained in California ***** the private sector. This ***** *****terest may be the result of higher fees for credentialing schools. Additionally, government and education groups across the nation have projected record numbers of retiring teachers in the next ***** (EdSource, 2001). All of these factors lend to a reduced number of teachers available ***** **********g *****.

Yet, further problems exist beyond limited qualified applicants. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) recently found ***** approximately 8% of America's ***** transfer ***** annually, and 7-13% choose to leave the teaching field entirely (Luekens, Lyter, & Fox, 2004). Adequate statistics ***** not available ***** California, but estimates by The Center for ***** Future of Teaching and Learning project that California


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