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Hazard Potential Grid


Proba- bility

Predic- ta*****

Fre- quen- cy

***** of Onset

Control- lability

Op- tions

Scope and

Inten- sity

Sources for

Assis- tance

Com- munity

Vulnera- bility





Terrorist attack

Act of war



***** risk within ten years =1; highest risk = 5


Earthquake: St. Louis is about 200 miles from the New Madrid Fault, but because ***** the geology of the region, shock waves travel a very long dis***** with consider*****ble **********. A major New Madrid Fault earthquake could destroy many vulnerable buildings, do major damage to others, buckle highways and collapse overpasses and possibly bridges. Although the fault has not triggered a major earthquake in modern times, in 1809 ***** 1810 it triggered two earthquakes about six weeks apart that were both probably around 8.0 on ***** Richter scale. The ***** avoided ***** damage and loss ***** life only ***** the area was barely populated. Earthquakes rate ***** on ***** chart because they can ***** major, devastating damage with no warning, ***** because the area is inadequately prepared for an earthquake.

Flood: St. Louis is located at the c*****fluence of the M*****souri and Mississippi Rivers. Both rivers have significant tributaries in the region. The last major regional flood was ***** 1993. It did major damage, made whole towns uninhabitable, destroyed millions of acres of farm crops, isol*****ed small communities, and disrupted railroads. However, there was little loss of life, and major support services such as fire, police and medical care, remained functional and were not overwhelmed by events.

Terrorist Attacks: St. Louis h***** a major public attraction, which is also a n*****tional park - the St. Lou***** Arch. It also has a major international airport that serves as the hub ***** American Airlines.

Act of War: Although ***** United States is at war ***** terrorist organiza***** and may soon be at ***** with Iraq, the military install*****ions in St. Louis and the immediate ***** are small. However, Fort Leonard Wood is ***** far from St. Louis, ***** is a major training base. If Ft. Leonard Wood were *****ed as a military target, it would put severe strain on *****. Louis public services since it is the ne*****st large city and a good source for fire fighters, *****, and emergency ***** care.

Tornado: Tornadoes are common in the St. Louis area. Recent incidents have involved small tornadoes that affected relatively small are***** and did not cause extended or maj***** *****. However, St. ***** is located on ***** plains, and weather systems often meet in the region. The possibility always ex*****ts of a major tornado striking the greater *****. Louis **********.

Blizzard: St. Louis occasionally receives heavy snowfall. One snowfall in ***** 19*****'s dropped two feet of snow ***** about 30 hours, paralyzing the metropolitan area for a week. The area ***** the capability to deal effectively ***** small and mode***** amounts ***** snow, but ***** very ***** snowfalls ***** occur about every 10 ***** paralyze the region and


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