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The Essence of a Woman: An Epistemological Programme of Mastery


The philosophical discussion of the nature of ***** female mind and specifically the epistemology of women has been universally debated for as long as *****re ***** been recorded words. What is the nature of God? ***** then: What is the nature of Man? followed shortly there after by: What ***** the nature of Woman?

It is not a secret that most ***** the first recorded philosophers were men, in fact this is even true today. To many this qualifies as ***** reason ***** the ********** misogyny associated with epistemology and its relationship to women.

***** the insight of women, which was voiced by many but ***** not always well known, the internal workings of the mind of a woman is simply a mystery associated with ***** proprietary circumstances of her allowable voice. It is within the context ***** the late 18th century that we begin to see ***** real voices of feminists speak out against the stifling assumptions ***** their lives and minds.

The education of women has therefore historically been based upon the idea that society is better served ***** ***** embracing her true nature, in the sense of her non-aggressive and nurturing characteristics. The essence of woman, or that which makes ***** different and to many opposite man, required an attainment of knowledge that was restricted to her role as dutiful wife to her master. For many if not all feminists the most basic necessity for women and therefore her society ***** ***** be able to fully realize her ability through the attainment of equal education and knowledge, an education that went far beyond that of Sophie, the docile pleasing support staff, in Rousseau's Emile.

Though there are those who def*****itely came before her, namely Christine de Pizan in the very early renaissance, Mary Wollstonecraft, is thought of as the mother of the fem*****ist *****m*****s of equal education. *****, chided men, ***** and women for allowing women to continue to leave *****ir abilities unrealized through trifling education ***** only left her with enough knowledge to serve ***** family and engender romantic thoughts.


This work will establish through the analysis of a keys*****ne ***** feminist ***** some would say anti-feminist work, a demonstration of the understanding of ***** epistemological programme of mastery. The work will develop a line ***** thought that demonstrates the evolution of ***** idea of ***** knowledge, first through some of the main works associated with ***** early demands ***** equal educational ***** and ***** through some modern *****s associated with the concepts of feminism and philosophy.


First ***** a careful analysis the work of Rousseau, ***** as it pertains to ***** development of the female mind, and its limitations. Then, on to the work of Mary Wollstonecraft, who eloquently establishes the idea of the shortcomings of the accepted "female" education in Vindication of the Rights of Women. Next, ***** ***** of what some would call a modern feminist, Simone de Be*****uvoir who


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