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Feminism: The Image of Lilith

*****, the First Woman and a Symbol of Independence

*****re are many women who might be admired in history, but there is one independent woman who seemed to have accomplished a lot who has been in existence since the beginning of recorded time. Lliith, supposedly ***** Hebrew mythology, but also found in other ancient myths predating Hebraic literature, is a ***** of d*****tinctive ***** admirable characteristics. She has been called "The Maid of Tears," and a seductress. ***** is paired with a husb***** at *****s (Samael), ***** ***** also called the consort of God. Her legends almost always include a tree, a snake and a bird. ***** ***** is her house, the bird ***** mischevious *****nd the snake "who knows no charm" is ***** associated ***** evil (Graves 234).

Lilith appears in ***** most ancient ***** all literature, the story of Gilgamesh. But she also ***** in ***** ***** literature, in Syrian 7th century B.C. literature, ***** ***** Bible, in the Dead Sea Scrolls and in the Talmud. Amy Scerba did a study ***** Lilith ***** outlines her role in the story of Gilgamesh:

First, ***** ***** the association ***** ***** with the snake, usually equated with evil. Second, there is the ***** ***** flees, presumably through flight, something which Lilith will later do *****. Third, the tree invokes an image of the Tree of Knowledge, in which ***** is said to dwell ***** some ***** myths. Similarly, this tree is located in Inanna's "holy garden," again harking back to ***** image of the Garden of Eden. Finally, it ***** noteworthy that while Lilith and her bestial companions inspire fear in Inanna, they do not have any fear of her. It is Gilgamesh, the great male Sumerian hero, who kills the snake ***** frightens the other creatures out of the tree and garden (Scerba 1)

***** is said that Lilith (or Lilit) is of Babylonian *****igin. The earliest myth in the Rabbinic Midrash refers to a bisexual being "male and fe***** He created them." The body ***** God created was divided in***** two, the male and the female, becoming separate beings. Later on, Eve was created. ***** first female, however, according to the Midrash, ***** Lilith, ***** refused to submit ***** Adam, as she w***** his equal. When Adam demanded that she submit, she fled from him, leaving ***** al*****. When Adam complained to God ***** he *****as l*****ely, God created Eve. Thus begins a history of Lilith fleeing the domin*****nt male (Cashford *****92).

***** the Midrash, after the "Fall," and expulsion from *****, Adam reunited ***** Lilith and she bore ***** several children before he returned to Eve. In ***** *****, the children Lilith bore ***** became demons and she became ***** Queen ***** the Demons. In other stories ***** remained childless and unpartnered, either with a husband or remained with Adam (Kabbala)

***** the Kabbala, the only time ***** is paired with a husband, he has ***** castrated, so s***** can have no


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