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Abstract: This is 35 page analysis of how online retailing operates, what kind of problems they face and the kind of environment they operate in. The author has also focused on Asian online retailing and special focus on Hong Kong online retailing. It has 22 sources.


Access of basic necessities of life has followed the conventional method of . . . .

Strategic Management, Inc., commenced operations in July 1995 and "today offers Earth's Biggest Selection." is an online retailer offering items including books, music, DVD/video, toys, electronics, software, and home products. For the three months ended 3/31/02, revenues increased 21% to $847.4 million. Net loss before acct. change fell 89% to $24 million. . . . .

Who are the "stakeholders" who have an interest in holding the managers of a nonprofit organization accountable? To whom is the board responsible? Does the website of Boardsource ( information that is useful in answering this question? The stakeholders are the people that benefit from the service that the non-profit organization.

There are two main types of . . . .



Man has lived in the Sudan for at least nine million years and the valley of the Nile that wanders more than 4,000 miles from the lakes of Central Africa to the Mediterranean may be the cradle of civilization rather than the Euphrates. Almost four centuries before Christ the Ox-driven water wheel which still plays a vital role in the country's economy, was . . . .

The South Korean Economy, 1992 to 2002:

Nation in Search of its Place in the International Economy

In 1992, South Koreans could look back on 40 years of economic growth and feel confident in their future. The country that had staggered out of the smoke and misery of World War II an economic basket case, stood in 1992 as a model of prosperity and economic innovation. Only three . . . .

disrupting America's economic system is a fundamental objective of terrorists


Even as the world continues to struggle with the terrible shock from the September 11 attacks in New York and Washington, one principle lesson has already become clear: disrupting our economic system is a fundamental objective of terrorists.

Prior to September 11, our economic . . . .

Film is an international medium in spite of language differences, and different countries come to the fore at different times to make a mark, both artistically and economically, on world cinema. After world War II, Italian neo-realism burst onto the scene, followed in the early 1960s by the French New Wave. In the 1970s it was a combination of films from Australia and films from West Germany, . . . .

Real Estate Industry Analysis


The residential real estate industry has been surprisingly resilient in light of the current economic situation. Over the previous two years residential real estate purchases registered into the double digits, while these numbers are down, the market for real estate is anything but out. At a glance, it would appear that realtors do not . . . .

The details surrounding the succeeding presidencies of Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt seem to be categorically and diametrically antithetical from every conceivable angle. Entering the office in 1929, Herbert Hoover's administration marked the end of America's most prosperous period to date. Within nine months of his assumption of office, the country began its tumble into the . . . .

Internet strategies adopted by automobile companies in a changing business market

Summary: This is an 8-page article on the Internet strategies adopted by automobile companies in the changing business scenario.


What is the most recent fad that is tempting, informative and dangerous? The author would have loved to hear the responses from an audience, because . . . .

Capital Budgeting is a vital part of any business. Investment decisions, which need time to mature, must be based on the returns that they will make. If investment in a project is unprofitable in the long run, it would be unwise to invest in it. However, if the investment will be profitable, it is important to determine this early in the game.

Because huge sums of money can be lost if . . . .

Satellite Radio: the New Technology

Everyone is familiar with cable TV. To get TV signals sent to your TV via cable, the cable company runs wires to your home. It's similar to traditional phone services. Depending on where you live, the wires may be strung above ground or hidden below ground, but the signal to your TV arrives through a physical channel - a wire.

Some people have . . . .

General Motors was founded in 1908 and has been the largest manufacturer, designer, building and marketer of cars and trucks throughout the world since 1921. It sells vehicles in more than 200 countries worldwide and maintains assembly, manufacturing, distribution or warehousing operations in 53 of these countries. In 2000, it sold 8.6 million cars and trucks - constituting 15.1% of the entire . . . .

marketing techniques that the automobile industry uses on the Internet


The purpose of this discussion is to provide an analysis of the various marketing techniques that the automobile industry uses on the Internet. We will explore sites of automobile manufacturers and seek to understand how car manufacturers use marketing strategies to attract customers. Our . . . .

Ethics in the Telecommunications Industry of the United States and Asia

This is an essay discussing the ethical issues, challenges, and behaviors within the telecommunications industry in the United States and Asia. It includes a critical report explaining and comparing current state of ethics both at home and abroad.

Ethics in the Telecommunications Industry

Ethics is a . . . .

Why and under what Circumstances are People More Likely to Buy

Brand names Rather than their Generic Counterparts?


The uses of brand names, which are registered with the government, have become an important division of business. Non-brand names, known as "generic" products, are generally less expensive. Yet, brand names remain popular because they offer a . . . .

Italian Renaissance: A Political Science Perspective


Most scholars and historians are in general agreement that western civilization went into a cultural, political and intellectual decline following the eclipse of the Roman Empire in the 5th century AD. The decline lasted through the so-called Middle Ages until a series of dynamic intellectual and cultural movements . . . .

How the Recent Financial Crisis in America has Caused Investors to Avoid Stock Market Investment


Purpose: A proposal for research to investigate how the impact of the recent crisis in America has caused investors to avoid investing in the stock market.

The focus of this research is to find solutions that will put an end to repeated financial disasters and encourage . . . .

The Impact of the Terrorist Attacks on New York City

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Literature Review

Consumer Behavior and Risk

Terrorism and Consumerism in the Melting Pot

How has September 11 Impacted Americans

Economic Impact of terrorism

Outlook for the New York Economy

Rationale for Study

Chapter 3 - Methodology

. . . .

Law School Admissions Application

My extensive business experience in human resources has armed me with the dedication and skills that are necessary for success in law school.

I hope to obtain a law degree within the human resource realm, allowing me to adapt my extensive professional experience and education to the study and practice of law.

The greatest assets that I . . . .

Asian Financial Crisis of 1997

The economies of the so-called "Asian Tigers" were looked at with envy by the rest of the world in the early 1990s. These Southeast Asian countries—South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand had shown impressive (in most cases double-digit) growth rates for the preceding decade and more; thus becoming "darlings" of liberal capitalism . . . .

Post Democracy Commercial Property Development In Mafikeng and Mmabatho,

North West Province, South Africa Through Structured Financing Mechanisms

By George Milton

Post Democracy Commercial Property Development In Mafikeng and Mmabatho,

North West Province, South Africa Through Structured Financing Mechanisms

Abstract of Research

The size of the South . . . .


In this article, it has been identified that fiscal policy is one of the tools available to the government to influence the national economy and to make an effort to bring positive changes in it. The term fiscal policy refers to the disbursement made by the government to provide goods and services to the general public. Moreover, it is considered as a means to finance . . . .

Impact of E-Commerce on Business Strategy

Literary Review

The purpose of this literary review is to determine the effects and impacts of e-commerce on business strategies and internal processes with particular emphasis on the travel industry.

Our review will include material from several different sources including the Sloan Management Review, Travel Weekly and white . . . .


I have already gathered an understanding of some aspects of finance and am writing this paper on the topic of finance and bankruptcy. I have worked in the field of retail and enjoyed the training for assistant manager that was received. I also have taken several finance classes in college as well as an advanced finance class at the high school level, which helped prepare me . . . .

This is a paper about Senator John Breaux from Louisiana. This paper will cover his political positions, committees he's on, his feelings on Medicare and Social Security. There are five references used.


Senator John Breaux is a conservative Southern Democrat from Louisiana. He is highly respected and considered perfect for aiding in bipartisan since he is friendly . . . .



Write a one-page paper on a healthcare company, describing the organization and their finances/financial strategies.


Review information about one healthcare.


This paper briefly describes the company, their history and discusses the company's business and financial strategies.

The company I chose is . . . .

National Security became the national imperative following the events of September 11, 2001. President George W. Bush advocated national security (Bush, 2002) using active defense and aggressive preemption, at the same time promoting peace by presenting the U.S. to the world as a beacon of freedom and hope.

The realistic proposals from Bush involved increasing internal defense— . . . .

Narcotics Lollipop a. Should the FDA ban the narcotics lollipop? Go through the steps of the linear model to decide how this issue could be resolved.

1. Define Problem

The problem to be addressed is whether or not the narcotic lollipop should be barred. Answering this question requires consideration of various factors. Questions raised include:

Is the narcotic fentanyl too . . . .


ABSTRACT: This is a research proposal on retirement planning. Beginning as early as age, about what are their dreams for retirement? What goals are important for living during the retirement years? The individual should write their retirement plan and have it available to update when needed.


People are living . . . .

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