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Funnyhouse of a Negro

Summary: The notion of racial self hatred is a basic prem*****e in Kennedy's work. How racial self hatred is explored ***** "Funnyhouse of a Negro" and why is the concept especially pertinent to the play's characters


Ethnic stereotypes have been a powerful subject for ********** because of the emotional and psychological effects that it produces in the readers. Often ethnic stereotypes have been portrayed in various forms which have been helpful to identify and expose the social maladies present in the society. Perhaps ***** reason why social stereotypes ***** been described in various manners ***** that it *****ten brings out different perspectives of ***** discrimination and the responses ***** ***** affected groups towards racial distinction. ***** play Funnyhouse of a Negro by Adrienne Kennedy is an effort in th***** direction and describes ********** mental ***** emotional stress that the central character has to undergo because ***** racial *****. Kennedy herself is of a mixed lineage and she has often tried ***** explore ***** emotional problems associated with it in her *****s. She has admitted that ***** ***** felt torn between her different ancestries and was in a process of finding ***** common thread between the two. It would seem ***** ***** black lineage was often a source of embarrassment for her ***** in ***** *****s the chief protagon*****ts often have a f*****vorable disposition towards their white ancestors while they express distinct prejudice to ***** black lineage. In the Funnyhouse of a Negro, ***** self hatred is kept alive by the *****ingly unceasing internal conflict that contrasts the social, cultural and emotional value systems of ***** *****s and the whites.


***** the ***** of a Negro, emotional trauma associated with the issue of miscegenation is an important theme ***** ***** explored in detail ***** Adrienne *****. In fact, Kennedy is able ***** ***** the ***** insecurities of a human being who is torn between two cultures ***** belief systems, and to make matters worse, both these conflicting races harbor enmity and unhealthy prejudice against each other. Hence, the main issue that is being tackled in the play is how a person who ***** parents of different races identifies herself with the society, which seems to rem*****d her that one half ***** ***** is 'tainted' or 'impure'.

***** fur*****r analysis of the ***** we may see that Sarah is subjected ***** racial self hatred because she is never comfortable with ***** fact that ***** is the child of a black fa*****r. The social stigma that is attached to her paternity ***** a constant emotional pain that she is destined to live *****. In *****, the mental oppression that ***** inflicts on ***** ***** quite palpable throughout the s*****ry. Sarah inflicts ***** physical as well as emotional self oppression by reminding herself time and again that she is someone who has been born to a man ***** 'lesser' origin and that her paternity may be tainted with the blood of a race ***** is not honorable. In


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