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Gender Roles


***** roles, which is to say the way that society expects men and women to act based upon what society ***** long standing tradition says is appropriate for men and women to act, have been open to interpretation in recent generations due ***** both a better under***** ***** gender roles ********** one, but not ***** only standard of behavior and that each person is unique and as such may behave in a ***** way ***** terms of ***** their ***** expression might be. In this paper, various dimensions ***** the terms and expectations of gender definition will be explored in an effort to better understand the topic itself.

Socially Defined Terms-M*****culinity and Femininity

Reflecting back once again on what society defines as the ***** ***** of gender and more precisely how those who are biologically born as male or female are expected to act, it is vital to first ***** exactly ***** society demands of *****s. The cl*****sic view ***** gender roles maintains ***** the male should act in an aggressive manner, using f*****cefulness and even violence if necessary to relate to o*****r people, resolve issues, ***** conduct daily life. Conversely, females are expected to be delicate, ***** reserved, less aggressive, and ***** act in a conservative way and use logic and ********** to maneuver through the situations of life, ra*****r than the stereotypical brutality ***** ***** male ***** definition (Dev*****, 1989). Importantly, it must be clearly communicated and understood that these gender definitions ***** what is socially acceptable by those ***** set the pace of how society should function. The reality of gender expression ***** a different matter entirely, as seen when a close look is taken at external sources ***** s***** although gender roles are upheld in some situations, they ***** also violated.

Outside Sources that Uphold ***** Violate Defined Gender Roles

Because ***** the proliferation of m*****s communications ***** an audio-v*****ual nature, such as the invention of motion pictures *****d television, the classic ideas of what ***** roles should be was indoctrinated into the minds of ***** *****er and served to try and reinforce ***** was in many cases a worn ideal. While for years the average ***** felt that every man ***** ***** one who went to work everyday and brought home a paycheck ***** his subordinate wife who waited at home with a hot dinner and made sure ***** the children and home were well taken care *****, *****re were likewise examples th***** defied the ***** gender roles.

Male Gender Roles- Followed ***** **********

The role of the male in ***** of gender has ***** put into a set p*****ttern ***** generations; examples of ***** abound, from the anxious little boy who likes to play in ***** dirt and teases *****nocent ***** girls (Suarez) ***** the vision ***** the victorious and masculine athlete who is the hero of ***** football game, the champion boxer, and on and *****. Such has *****en the pattern for as long as the hu***** race ***** existed.


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