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Willa Cather

Willa Sibert Cather was born in Winchester, Virginia, in the year 1873. She lived in Virginia until she turned nine years old at which point she moved to the Nebraska prairie, to the borough of Catherton, which bore her familial namesake because so many members of Cather's family already lived here. This move to the prairie and her subsequent period of growing to adulthood . . . .


Table Of Contents:


Executive Summary


Home Care Services: Description

Home Care Services In Canada: Its Success Over the Years

Obstacles and Difficulties Facing The Home Care Industry-

Measures to be adopted to solve the obstacles

SWOT Analysis

Home Care Industry and . . . .

What Geology Means to Me chose to take a close look at slope formations on the hills that my house resides upon. In doing so, I wanted to emphasize my observation of the variables that existed on the hillside that potentially could end up resulting in a hazard or disaster to my home. The reason I am choosing this method of analysis is to see if I can make my observations serve a practical goal . . . .

This paper presents a discussion about a newly discovered solar system and how it works. Using this solar system as an example the writer develops a basis for a believable solar system in another area and describes its functions and actions.

The discovery of the new solar system is very exciting and the world is eager to explore its fundamentals and its possible future use. The world is . . . .



Write a ten-page paper on the ancient Michigan basin area and discuss a brief geological history of the area and how the mammals that lived during the Ice Age adapted to their environment over the years.


Use at least 12 sources of information; use quotes


Michigan experienced the great Ice Age and was covered . . . .

Facility Location Decision


Facility location has been an imperative research area in economics, regional progress, in addition to industrial management for more than a few decades. More lately, the worldwide propagation of regional industrial centers has inclined a variety of public and private segment interest groups to strengthen labors to appreciate the forces . . . .

Mammals of Michigan

There are many mammal species in Michigan, and this paper will discuss some of them, in terms of how they have evolved to live in the Michigan area, and how they have evolved to live off the land in the Michigan area. Something of the geological history of Michigan will also be discussed.

We will start with the extinct mammals of the Michigan area: about 12, . . . .


Phase 1: Investigation Proposal

I am implementing a Phase 1 Investigation to determine the fundamental geology and geophysics of the planet in question. I will describe the critical features and characteristic ranges of the planet. I will also try to ascertain the feasibility of life and the history of this planet. To be successful on our mission, my team and I must study . . . .

Health System of Kuwait

The Managerial Functioning of Kuwait's Health Care System

General Description of the Kuwait Health System

Kuwait claims to have one of "the most comprehensive health care systems, and one of the most all-encompassing social service systems in the world" (KIO, 2003). This health care system has offered free - or nearly free - services to the entire . . . .

Improving Performance through Empowerment, Teamwork & Communication

The staff of all public sector and private sector companies and other organizations is being compelled to improve and maximize their performances at work to keep up with the commercial pressures that are now building up. This requires that they change their work culture, and for the organization to invest in . . . .

How Have Polish Companies Reacted to Ethical Issues and Changes in Business Standards Since the Fall of Communism in 1989?


Chapter 1: Poland's Economy Pre-Communism's Fall

Section 1.1. Poland's Natural Resources

Section 1.1.1. Minerals and Fuels

Section 1.1.2. Agricultural Resources

Section 1.1.3. Labor Force

Section 1.2. The Polish . . . .

Livingstone's Geographical Tradition - Should the history of geography be rated X

This is the first intellectual history of a subject that over the last five centuries has played a significant role in the development of Western civilization. The author describes the activities of the explorers and map-makers of Renaissance and early modern Europe; the role of geography during the . . . .

Anarchy in the Tenth Grade": A Retrospective Analysis of an Adolescent's Search for self

So much of an individual's later life is contingent upon his or her search for a coherent sense of self, as achieved in childhood and adolescence. The personal essay entitled "Anarchy in the 10th Grade" by punk music legend Greg Graffin, as well as short stories such as Ernest Hemingway's "Indian . . . .

Gasoline Prices and the Economy

1 Introduction

1.1 Information about Crude Oil

1.2 Refining of Crude Oil in the United States and Worldwide

1.3 Workforce in the Petroleum Industry

The History of International Petroleum pricing

2.1 The Achnacarry Agreement

2.2 The rise of OPEC power in the 70's

Effect of Oil Price Increase on the U.S. . . . .

The Scientific Revolution was the period when man's intellect explored the interests of science, reasoning, and truth. It was the time when man, not satisfied with the assumptions about things he was used, explored scientific methods and theories to determine the truth about things based on scientific way of thinking. The emphasis of this intellectual change was on natural sciences of the . . . .

American History & Environment

When many people think of American history and westward expansion, we tend to think of a period of time when, as a nation, we showed excesses of arrogance and indifference, not only to people who were different than us but to the very land itself. We have all seen pictures of early travelers to the West who apparently delighted in hunting buffalo from . . . .

Oracle Bone and Traditional China

According to ancient writings, the history of China dates back approximately 3,300 years. Studies by modern archaeologists provide evidence of ancient origins in a culture that was flourishing between 2500-2000 B.C. in an area that is now central China and the lower Huang He Valley in northern China. Through centuries of migration, amalgamation and . . . .

Salt with American Economic history

From time immemorial to the current age, the significance of salt to the human community and the animals has been vastly acknowledged. Ever since the time when salt made its entry, several millennia ago, it has vastly influenced the lifestyle of humans. This is not only with regard to the dieting pattern or the age-old food preserving industry. It . . . .

Project Management

As Part A of the project has discussed a lot about the problem, to maintain the continuity I am providing a snap of it. The problem involves around the Big Sur coast of Central California in USA. Various natural constraints hamper its development. Despite all odds the place is in much demand especially during summer. Geologic hazards created by development activities . . . .

Environment (Yucca Mountain)


It is a nightmare scenario, the idea of tunneling beneath Yucca Mountain to store nuclear wastes transported there from both coasts and everything in between. First there is the problem of the sheer logistics of getting trucks filled with tons of radioactive rods from one location to another safely. In case no one has noticed, highway . . . .


The Internet is a significantly essential research place for sociologists examining hypothesis of technology transmission, as well as, media effects. The reason for this critical importance is because it is a channel exclusively competent of putting together ways of communication and structures of substance. This paper tends to highlight and analyze various researches . . . .

Creationism: Is there any Credible Evidence to Support it?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Genesis 1:1) This quotation from the Bible plus numerous others from the religious books of various religions lead us to believe that man, the earth, and the rest of the universe were originally created by a divine force rather than having been created as a result of a " . . . .

Tourism Industry Marketing


The travel and tourism industry is one of the more prominent and well-discussed industries in the business world today. The Caribbean islands with their natural beauty of sun, sand and sea has always been attractive to the North American and European traveler, typically faced with winter six (or more) months in a year. With the tourism . . . .

Constructed Myths and Man's purpose

Since Nietzsche declared that God was dead, science and mankind have begun a twofold search. Nietzsche's declaration asserted that the need for God in the society's constructed identity no longer existed. The understanding of the times was that the scientific method could break down any problem into is components, and uncover both the purpose and the . . . .

Information Technology


How Information Technology has changed the teaching and Learning in Further Education Colleges in the UK


The approach of the educational traditions in higher academic colleges in reaction to the power and authority of informational technology will be fundamental to the characterization of this technology's upcoming function . . . .

History of the US Space Program

When the Soviets successfully launched Sputnik I, the first ever artificial satellite, in orbit on October 4, 1957, the event took the Americans and the entire western world by surprise. Sputnik I was just a 2-foot sphere with nothing more than two tiny radio transmitters on it, but the symbolic significance of the event—the implication that Communist . . . .

Eutrophication of Chesapeake Bay: What is the solution?

Causes and Solutions to the Water Pollution Problems of Chesapeake Bay's Waterways

Chesapeake Bay, the largest inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, has been plagued with pollution for hundreds of years. Originally described by Captain John Smith in the early 1600's as having clear water with underwater grasses, oyster reefs, and . . . .


Global Warming:

From Milutin Milankovitch to Greenhouse Gases

Global warming is one of today's most pressing issues. Though some dispute its existence, the great majority of individuals - scientists and lay people - do believe that the Earth is undergoing an unnatural warming. Hot summers, freak storms, melting glaciers, and other signs all seem to point toward a . . . .

K-5 Geology Lesson


Communicating Objectives:

The objectives should be separated into those that relate to the course material and those that relate to the collaborative component. Regardless of the instructor's choice of methodology, students should understand that both aspects are equally important. To maximize student . . . .

Study of How Leadership Skills Impact International Education

Leadership in International Schools:


Statement of the Problem


Limitations of Study

Definition of Terms



International schools

Practical Circumstances of International schools

. . . .

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