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George Orwell's 1984

In Orwell's novel, the concept of Doublethink and Big Brother allowed the government to tell citizens carefully thought-out lies and to get rid of morality while claiming to be moral. After all, democracy was not possible in this fictional story and the Party would decide what is democratic and what was not, what was good for the people to know, and what was not good for ***** citizens to know. Unfortunately, in the U.S. over the past few years there are plenty of examples ***** ***** - in fact official lies ***** deception have been all ********** common.

In the ***** 1984, the Min*****try of Plenty had promised citizens they would produce 145 million pairs of boots, but only 62 million pairs were made. The information put out then was that "...the Party ***** made five ***** more boots last year ***** they had expected to." But wait, in the same paragraph ***** Chapter 3, it was possible ***** "no boots at all ***** *****," because even though the newspaper said five million extra pairs were made, " could see that half ***** people in Oceania had no boots." This is an example of Orwellian ***** *****t*****g ***** in the form of propaganda out ***** newspapers, to make the public think ***** things ***** fine, when ***** are not ***** at all.

Th***** ***** is not unlike ***** Bush Admin*****tr*****ion in Washington, which, among many other things, has admitted bribing journalist Armstrong Williams with $241,000 to write positive stories about education programs (including "No Child Left Behind"), according to Howard Kurtz of the Washing*****n Post. Paying a professional ***** to say and ***** untrue things about a progr*****m is similar to lying about how many boots ***** government has produced. It's pure propaganda. Designed to convince the public of ***** that are not necessarily true.

And perhaps just as jaded and unconscionable, ********** Bush Admin*****tration *****ficials have testified in Congress under oath that they editorially changed science reports before they were released to the public, ***** make Global Warming seem ***** as serious as it really is, among other things. This f*****s right in the Orwell novel; Winston edits historical accounts in order to fit with ***** current policies of the government. In other words, Orwell's fictional government wanted the citizens to know what the government felt ***** be ***** for *****m to know, not what people really truly needed ***** know (i.e., the truth).

As to the Bush Administration's censoring science to spare the public from hearing the real facts, the Christian Science Monitor reported ***** the White House "has broadly attempted to control which climate scientists ***** speak with reporters, as well as editing scientists' congressional testimony on ***** change..." (Clayton, 2007). ***** ***** Administration ***** "particularly active in stifl*****g [scientists'] discussion of the link *****tween incre*****ed hurricane intensity and global warming," the article reports.

***** ***** novel, the Ministry of Truth tweaked photographs in order to present a f*****lse image to ***** public. And


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