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Group Informative Assignment


Attention-Getter: The Philippines is a nation of superlatives and of fascinating extremes. The third-largest Engl*****h-speaking ***** in the world in spite of dozens of different thriv*****g local dialects and ***** largest Christian nation in Asia, the Philippines is a country that boasts incredible diversity. Our presentation will introduce you to Philippine culture, from its edible delights to its geography and its history including the occupation by both ***** Spanish and the Americans. At first you might believe that the Philippines ***** the United States have nothing in common but our ***** will reveal that in spite of their many differences, both cultures share a rich heritage and a diverse popul*****tion.

Introduction of the Topic: Many Asian immigrants to the United States are from the *****, and Americans frequently come in***** contact with Philipp*****e people ***** ********** culture. However, many Americans do not know much about Philippine society and history. To compare the two nations it will be helpful to show you the salient features ***** each culture ***** compare **********.

The *****s is a diversely populated archipelago nation in the north Pacific. Usually referred to as part of South-East Asia, ***** Philippines has a long and complex history and like many other nations in the region was occupied ***** European powers. Indigenous Philippine tribes, Chinese immigrants, Muslims, Spaniards, and ***** have all influenced the development ***** modern Philippine culture. Although ***** country has suffered from periodic political upheavals and internal conflicts over the past century, the ***** remains one of ***** most highly literate and well-educated ***** all developing nations with a relatively high rate of literacy and English language comprehension. The variety of ***** and religions present in the *****s ***** its geographic blessings draws people from around ***** world to travel and invest in the resources the country has ***** offer.

Reason to Listen: Because the Philipp*****es occupies a strategic position in ***** north Pacific and because Philippine ***** make their way regularly to the United States, you should have a basic underst*****ing of the country: its land, its history, and its people. Understanding ***** culture will help stimulate awareness of the richness and variety of ***** country, and will also hopefully ***** the Philippines become a major player in future world tourism and business markets.

Credibility Statement: Our own familiarity with the Philippine culture and society *****s our group uniquely qualified to speak from personal experience. Furthermore, our academic studies ***** enhanced our knowledge ***** ***** *****.

Preview: ***** main purpose of our *****ation is to compare ***** contrast Philippine culture ***** American culture, and ***** we will offer ***** a broad *****view of the Philippines.


Summary: Now ***** you have a broad underst*****ing of the cultures of ***** ***** States and of the Philippines ***** can draw some of your ***** conclusions. Hopefully you can see how in ***** of *****ir differences, the United States ***** ***** Philippines share many things in *****, including a diverse population and a


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