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Hamlet's attitude towards women


Hamlet is a pl*****y that has received a wide range of criticism and interpretation in the academic world. As the critic A. C. Bradley wrote, the character of Hamlet, "...has been the subject of more discussion than any other ***** the whole literature of ***** world" (Bradley, "Shakespearean Tragedy," 90). ***** is a complex ***** subtle play and has ***** interpreted from many perspectives; including sociological, psychological and philosophical points of view. This has also led to views about the actions of Hamlet that include Freudian perceptions and more philosophical and existential interpretations of his *****.

***** of the central areas of discussion in ***** literature is Hamlet's attitude towards women. Many critics have commented on Hamlet's seemingly strange ***** often overtly aggressive attitude towards characters like Ophelia. However, understanding ***** view of ***** necessities a thorough understanding of the central themes of the play and cannot be seen in isolation from the larger issues that drive his *****. In essence, Hamlet's view of women is ********** by the fa*****r's murder that is linked to his mother's untimely marriage ***** his Uncle.

*****. Gertrude and Ophelia

***** play revolves around Hamlet's obsession with the murder of his father, and ***** desire ***** need for revenge. From ***** perspective, *****laudius has not only killed his father, the King, but has also usurped his throne and married his mother. The core of Hamlet's ***** of women is based on the view that h***** ***** was somehow complicit in the murder or at least sexually willing to marry Claudius. This appalls and horrifies Hamlet at the deepest psychological and existential level and result in his " madness" and his behavior towards characters ***** Ophelia.

The female characters ***** the play are, to a large extent, the driving force and the impetus behind the tragedy ***** the main character. ***** is driven to his acti*****s by ***** existential crisis within himself. The fact that his mother is involved in a sexual relationship with ***** father's murderer ***** effect"unhinges" Hamlet and h***** actions become a combination of cunning plans ***** expose *****is mother and Claudius, and his own growing insanity.

It should also be *****ed that the thoughts and actions of ***** ***** regard to women should also ***** seen against the *****r philosophical interpretation of ***** play. The Queen and Claudius ***** symbols ***** the larger corruption in the world. Before he meets the ghost, Hamlet is already deeply d*****turbed by the marriage between ***** and his mother so *****on after ***** father's death and this marriage is ***** ***** Hamlet to represent all ***** is wrong with nature and the universe.

This can be seen in his first soliloquy in act 1.Scene 11; where he expresses a sense of profound depression at the existential meaningless of life. His mind is filed with suicidal thoughts and the ***** of ***** emptiness of life.

"How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable, Seem to me all the uses of this world!" (1.


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