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The objective of this work is to conduct an inventory ***** various communication ch*****nels utilized within the skilled nursing organizations and to compare ***** contrast ***** various organizations methodologies for disseminating health information with internal and external organizations. This ***** will identify any improvements that could be made and make recommendations.


The work entitled: "AACN St*****ards for Establishing and Sustaining Healthy Work Environments" states ***** the 2001 American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) made a commitment to actively promote ***** creation ***** healthy work environments that support and foster excellence in patient care wherever acute and critical nurses practice." It is related that this commitment is upon the basis of the dedication of ***** Association ***** "optimal patient ***** and the recognition that the deepen*****g nurse shortage cannot ***** reversed without healthy work environments that support excellence in *****." (2001) Medical errors can be in great part attributed to "unhealthy ***** environments" stated to include "demoralizing and unsafe conditions in workplaces." Patient safety ***** only e ensured through staff recruitment and retention enhancement and through maintenance of the "organization's financial viability." (*****, 2001) Because of the commitment ***** AACN to support work and care environments "...***** are safe, healing, humane and respectful of the rights, responsibilities, needs and contributions of all people-including patients, their families and nurses" there have been six standards identified as a requirement in the est*****blishment of healthy work ***** and ***** sustaining these environments. Those six standards ***** inclusive of the following: (1) Skilled Communication; (2) True Collaboration; (3) Effective Decision Making; (4) Appropriate Staffing; (5) Meaningful Recognition; and (6) Authentic Leadership. (*****, 200*****)


Today's organizations lack the forum in which ***** may be involved in *****ternal ***** external communication with and among skilled nursing ***** to ***** the required level of ***** and collaboration as set out by the AACN (2001) and this is not for lack ***** an effort but instead is due to ***** extreme shortage of ***** nursing staff. There are however existing org*****izations such ***** the Healthcare Communications ***** which was also formed in *****, *****, ***** organization was ***** primarily for pharmaceutical companies and practitioners. The 'Coalition for ***** Communication" organization when searched with keywords 'skilled ***** staff' returned a 'sorry no p*****ges found ***** your keyword' indicating a gap in the communication network ***** skilled nursing staff in ***** communication network for health care issues under debate ***** analysis. ***** work of Thornby (2006) *****: "Beginning the Journey to Skilled *****" states that often ***** nursing ***** were found ***** ***** avoiding communication with physicians who were k*****wn to be aggressive or abrasive instead of becoming competent in skilled *****. It is additionally *****ed in Thornby (2006) ***** skills development is needed among *****day's skilled nursing staff in order to enable competent skilled communication ***** skilled nursing staff and other practitioners and *****.


The ***** reviewed and reported


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