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Hercules was the son of the god Zeus and ***** born in Thebes to Alcmena. *****'s wife, Hera, was jealous of Alcmena and sent serpents ***** kill Hercules when he was an *****f*****t. T***** infant Hercules killed ***** serpents. However, ***** was not satisfied to leave ***** alone. In fact, it is Hera's continued interference in Hercules' life that led to his status as Greece's ultimate hero. (Wikipedia).

The legend of Hercules would be *****complete without the stories of his 12 labors. However, though the ***** made Hercules Greece's most famous hero, they were rooted in tragedy. ***** only performed the labors as punishment for killing ***** wife and children in a fit of ins*****nity. After praying to Apollo for guidance, Hercules ***** *****ld that he would have to serve Euryst*****us for 12 years, in ***** for the murders. (Crane). As part ***** his punishment, ***** ***** 12 Labors, which were difficult feats that appeared impossible. (Crane).

***** first labor was to kill the lion of Nemea, which was made more difficult because ***** lion's skin could not be penetrated by spears or arrows. (Skidmore). The second labor was to kill a nine-headed hydra. Hercules' third labor was to capture the Cerynitian hind, which ***** sacred to Artemis. Hercules' fourth labor was to ***** and bring back a huge boar, the Erymanthian boar alive. Hercules' fifth labor ***** to clean out King Augeas stables in a single d*****y, ***** Hercules accomplished by re-routing two rivers. Hercules' sixth labor was to eradicate the Stymphalian birds, which inhabited a marsh near Lake Stymphalus in Arcadia, and may have eaten human flesh. ***** seventh labor was to rid Crete ***** a fire-breathing bull. Hercules' eighth labor was to bring Eurys*****us Diomedes' mares, which dined on the flesh of travelers who accepted ***** assistance. (Skidmore). The ninth labor ***** to retrieve Hippolyta's (the Queen of the Amazons) girdle, ***** would ***** been easy, except that Hera *****ld ***** Amazon that the Greeks had captured Hippolyta. ***** tenth ***** was to retrieve cattle belonging to Geryon. Hercules' eleventh task was to steal golden apples from the Hesperides. ***** final labor was ***** capture Cerberus and bring him up ***** the underground.

In addition to his labors, Hercules completed several other *****ic ventures. He freed Theseus ***** Prometheus. In *****, he wrestled death in order to return his friend Admetus' wife from the dead. (Hamil*****n, 240). ***** also continued to get in***** trouble; after accidently ***** a servant, *****rcules was given to a ***** ***** act as her *****, and she ***** ***** dress like a woman. In addition, he wrestled death ***** order to return his friend ***** wife (Hamilton, 240).

Al***** ***** survived all of his adventures, Hercules was ***** immortal. In *****, it was common *****y that killed him. His *****, Deianara, believed ***** was in love with anot*****. A centaur had given her a love potion, which she used on Hercules' robe. The ***** w*****s *****u*****y poi*****, and when Hercules donned the


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