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Communication and Human Resources in Hospitality Management

***** the general overview which is provided by his text on the modernizing implicati*****s of service innovation, Peter Woods writes that "the culture of innovation has promoted new ways of organizing the global economy, new forms of capital exchange, ***** new ***** of working and consuming... the roles of economic actors, and of market relationships, appear to be constantly transforming." (Woods, 2) This observation may be considered a centerpiece ***** our discussion, opening the subject ***** *****s in the service industry as part of a grander scheme of an innovative cultural thrust. Indeed, as we proceed with this discussion, an evident connection of processes and outcomes will emerge to characterize service innovation as a necessary aspect ***** ***** evolution of technological and philosophical practices in virtually every other market context. Particularly, we ***** be examining the role with progressive human resource orientation has played in improving innovation and effectiveness within the service sector. The focus will be drawn toward the hospitality field, which is indeed a substantial front in the service *****.

At the center of our ***** will ***** the case example of the Marriott Hotel cha*****, which has in recent years undergone a dramatic human ***** restructuring. The outcome of this ***** is intended to be a signific*****nt improvement in meeting the challenges ***** are inherent to an increasingly diversified, globalized and ********** integrated *****place. However, as the restructuring h***** served to significantly alter the hotel's personnel conditions and hierarchies, it ***** necessary for methods of effective business ********** to be tailored to ***** dem*****s which ***** specific ***** the hosp*****ality industry.

***** is crucial to maintaining a clarity of responsibilities, roles and a sense of placement for *****. The assurance ***** this takes place originates within the ***** resources de*****ment but must be disseminated to all corners of the newly calibrated organization.

According to the article entitled Marriott Corporation: The Cost ***** Capital, the hospitality industry has seen a tumultuous progression of fast growth ***** sharp retraction. This has been particularly true for Marriott, which seized on an era ***** increased *****urism and hospitality investment in order to catapult ***** ***** top of the market. However, changing market realities and the increased nuance of the ***** ***** would dem***** ***** to consider altering its corporate structure so as to reflect a transition to a context in which it could more effectively ********** hurdles dist*****ct to individual divisions. ***** discussion here, b*****ed on the case study at hand, will remark up***** the str*****egies regarding human resource communication which would effectively be approached by the corporation in the interests ***** ***** reformation.

The primary avenue to be taken as assessed by ***** case study in achieving the goal of diversifying *****s operational orientation ***** be the creation of a new department with a more refined focus on financial strategies and investment properties relating ***** the specific aspect ***** hotel management (as opposed to the real-estate operation. Such is to say


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