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Human Baby Cloning in his essay, Philip M. Boffey argues that the United States is not yet clearly th*****king about whether humans can be cloned, under what circumstances such an event could occur, or what problems such an event would bring about.

To demonstrate his thesis, he uses examples from science fiction and recent media. The possibility of cloning has been in the m*****ds of writers for decades. Boffey mentions the book The Boys from Brazil, in which expatriate Nazis attempt to make multiple clones of Hitler ***** bring ***** a Fourth Reich ***** Nazism. Another example comes from the Star Wars movie series The Attack of ***** Clones, in which an entire army is cloned from one aggressive individual.

Boffey does not mention the novel Brave New World, where cl*****d babies are dec*****ted from bottles and ***** the act of giving birth is considered an obscenity. However, he does mention claims from researchers stating that they have cloned a b*****by, ********** points out ***** the ***** refused to allow the genetic testing that ***** have proven their claim. Boffey believes that eventually, a hum*****n will be cloned. Right now such an act presents real concerns because ***** animals ***** not fared well medically, but sooner or later, he predicts, a healthy human will be cloned, and then demand will increase.

He points out ***** for the foreseeable future, ***** babies cannot have a signific*****nt impact on population, because we are still dependent on women willing to give birth to them. Ho*****ver, he provides examples of arguments against cloning, such as identity confusion, as poorly thought *****, since identical twins -- essentially, clones -- fare well in life.

In fact a company, Clonaid, ***** been formed ***** pursue the production ***** a cloned b*****by (AAAS, 2000). ***** ***** that it is time that Un*****ed ***** thinks more clearly about the possibilities and ***** pitfalls before the technology is establ*****hed.


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B*****fey, Philip M. DATE. "Fearing the Worst Should Anyone Produce a Cloned Baby." ***** York Times.



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